Khoros rolls a plethora of features to build a digital-first engagement platform

The experts at IDC Link cover the products and features that make Khoros a top-rated digital customer engagement platform.

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What does it take to create world-class digital customer engagement?

The business of customer engagement is changing as rapidly as any other; that’s why we’ve upgraded our products to keep our customers on the cutting edge. This report from the customer engagement experts at IDC Link covers the new products and features that our customers can now use to stay in lockstep with technological advances.

New products and features include:

  • Engagement Manager

  • Events in Khoros Communities

  • Campaign-Aware Workflows; Email Integration and Channel Consolidation

  • AI Updates to Ease Agent Strain and Improve Accuracy

  • Improved Knowledge Sourcing and Streamlined Communication

  • LinkedIn Ads Visibility

  • Custom-Defined Metrics

What’s the takeaway for customer care, social media, and online communities?

In this report, IDC Link also goes over why these new features are so helpful to brands trying to improve their customer experience and customer engagement strategies. They focus specifically on how online brand communities can benefit from the updates, as well as AI and automation capabilities, customer care capabilities, and social media capabilities. Download the report now to read more!

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