Beyond surveys: Go deeper than customer feedback

Your customers are talking – are you listening? Learn how to harvest conversational data for the most valuable CX insights.

Customers say more than what they tell you in surveys.

If your brand is like most others, you capture customer feedback in a variety of ways: NPS surveys, CSAT surveys, point of sale surveys, and more. These tools have been around for decades, and they’re important for understanding how customers feel about your brand.

The problem is that when you rely solely on this type of feedback — direct feedback — you’re missing out on most of your customer base, and the most valuable pieces of customer feedback. That’s because the vast majority don’t fill out your surveys, and even when they do, they rarely provide insight into what prescriptive actions are needed to resolve customer issues.

These days, top brands are going deeper — digging into conversational data points that customers provide every day, without even being asked — to get more insight into their CX.

In this whitepaper, we’ll cover how customer experience analytics is helping businesses understand the voice of the customer and improve customer experience. Download it today to learn how to generate representative data and produce actionable insights, without having to ask your customers.

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