2022 UK contact centre decision-makers’ guide

A comprehensive survey of 208 contact centre decision makers in the UK to identify how they solve the problems that affect every customer care organisation.

UK Contact Centre Guide

Contact centre decisions in 2022

Contact centre leaders in the United Kingdom face tough challenges every day, from studying agent performance to onboarding new solutions and more. This annual report surveys a sample of these important decision makers to take the pulse of the industry in the UK. The 2022 edition studies performance, operations, technology, and HR to give readers a good idea of the very latest in contact centres.

The detailed structured questionnaire was answered by a random sample of 208 contact centre managers and directors in September – November 2021. The result is the 19th edition of the largest and most comprehensive study of all aspects of the UK contact centre industry.

What the survey found out about UK contact centres

The guide identifies seven of the major pain points and issues that affect the contact centre industry:

  • Improving Quality and Performance

  • Maximising Efficiency and Agent Optimisation

  • Digital, Cloud and the Customer of the Future

  • Outbound, Call Blending and Proactive Customer Service

  • The Customer Experience

  • HR Management

  • Strategic Directions

Within each section, participants identify specific solutions that they prefer to use to solve these issues — valuable information for anybody looking to improve their brand’s contact centre operation. To see all this information and more, download the report today.

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