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How Constant Contact Puts the Customer Experience First

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Executive summary

Constant Contact provides hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world with the online marketing tools, resources, and personalized coaching they need to grow their business. Constant Contact understood that in order to remain competitive they would need to deliver a great customer experience and provide high-quality customer support through multiple channels. To accomplish their goals, Constant Contact implemented a Khoros-powered online customer community that reflected their brand, aligned with their strategic objectives, and provided an intuitive user experience.

Constant Contact was committed to offering their customers a choice in how they interact for their care needs. They recognized that in order to meet the needs of the newest generation of workers they would need to expand their options from 1:1 support channels like phone and chat to a help center that put equal weight on all support channels, including self-service channels like video. To achieve these goals, Constant Contact adopted the Khoros platform and worked with the Khoros Strategic Services Team. Constant Contact also built a help center with the ability to meet their customers on any channel, including community, so that their customers can decide how, and where, they interact with customer support.

As a result of partnering with Khoros, Constant Contact realized their goal of prioritizing the customer experience. The Khoros platform has driven approximately $2 million in support cost savings while also enabling the brand to crowdsource use-cases, find trending topics, and report back to customers on progress with their ideas and issues. A Khoros-powered community supports their efforts to be transparent and listen to customer feedback. Community also provides a space for peer-to-peer engagement — an invaluable asset for small businesses. By giving equal attention to their social channels and to community, Constant Contact now ensures that they can help their customers on whichever channel they wish to interact.

How they made it work

  • Multi winner


    Great community and social content to a wider audience and used that content to supplement customer support interactions.

  • Multi wifi


    Their community boards and divided them into distinct sections to improve the customer experience.

  • Multi blog


    To customer feedback on their community and social channels and implemented weekend support via Twitter and the community to increase engagement.

  • Multi 193


    A responsive site with the Khoros Strategic Services Team to ensure a consistent, seamless, and easy to use experience across all device types.

“We increased our savings by 24% during the first year we partnered with Khoros.”
— Samantha O’Connor
Community Manager, Constant Contact


By partnering with Khoros, Constant Contact was able to realize their goal of prioritizing the customer experience. The integration of their help channels created a cohesive customer experience across all online touchpoints. This unified approach to support simplified interactions and improved the customer experience.

  • ~2M

    In Support Cost Savings

  • 97%

    Positive Customer Satisfaction Scores

  • 34%

    Increase in Call Deflection