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How AMC Theatres partners with Khoros to provide digital customer care

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Executive summary

Entertainment brand AMC Theatres, the largest movie theatre company in the world, has grown from a small social team to an expanding digital team. AMC partnered with Khoros to solidify the structure of telling brand stories, helping customers, and getting the right data to share results.

AMC established a social voice and drove human interaction that was true to the brand while making sure their metrics were improving. AMC’s Social Media Care Team has now grown into a digital care team — partnering with the guest services team, so the call-center based teams can stay aligned and share information. AMC’s Social Media Care Team’s response time before Khoros was hours, but with support from Khoros — and with features like editable pre-saved response templates — they cut response time in half, and then recently in half again to an industry-leading 13 minutes and 54 seconds. 

AMC finds Khoros Care to be intuitive and efficient, and their team members get exactly what they need from it. Because of Khoros efficiencies, AMC not only delivers fast responses from a small team, but they also maintain a high level of quality. In fact, their customers are so happy with the level of care AMC provides that they’ve written articles about it, unprompted. AMC also works hard to listen to customer feedback. When they changed the nacho cheese recipe in their theatres, customers complained on social for several months. AMC listened to that feedback and decided to revert to the former recipe. They announced the update on social, and because of Khoros, they were able to find and contact individual guests who had complained — a thoughtful personal touch — to share the welcome news and that resulted in a 99% negative to positive sentiment conversion. 

For AMC, being there for customers on digital messaging channels is critical to their future strategy. AMC has begun piloting new messaging channels and they’ve already found success, earning them high customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores and substantial growth in digital conversations.

How they made it work

  • Multi 221


    guest services center staff from within the corporate office to aid in the shift from traditional care channels to digital messaging channels.

  • Components


    dashboards in their headquarters that show real-time social media conversations for everyone in the company — including executives — to get unfiltered insight to what guests are saying.

  • Multi 198


    the Social Media Care Team in the corporate office so that they have direct connection and exposure to AMC customer-facing teams and executives.

  • Multi Empowerment


    agents to handle more conversations with Khoros efficiencies and improve agent satisfaction.

Over the years we’ve been able to demonstrate
to departments all over the company how
important it is to deliver a fast, high quality
response to our guests, and that’s why we’re
focused on growing our activity in existing and
emerging digital support channels.
— Elizabeth Solomon
Manager, Social Media Care, AMC Theatres


AMC’s lean Social Media Care Team proved successful, with support from Khoros. They earned high CSAT ratings and supported quick response times. Because of their success, AMC is now expanding their team as well as their digital care business hours. They’re adding emerging messaging channels and flexing staff from traditional channels to support their growing digital volume. These improvements have resulted in better cost efficiency and quality than AMC’s traditional guest contact methods, leading them to prioritize digital care efforts.

  • 13:54

    response time in minutes

  • 2

    minute handle time

  • 80%

    CSAT scores