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How AAA National boosted engagement and awareness with Khoros

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Executive summary

AAA National has been assisting customers during their travels for over a century. Years ago, when AAA began building their social media program, they knew they wanted a way to scale effectively and share content both across the brand and on social media. After a lengthy search for a software partner, AAA chose Khoros. After AAA had been using the Khoros Marketing solution for a number of years, they decided they wanted to increase awareness about their Diamond Program, so they engaged with the Khoros Strategic Services Team.

The AAA Diamond Program involves inspectors who evaluate hotels and restaurants using criteria based on consumer preferences. AAA regularly promotes the Diamond Program via PR campaigns, but they wanted to use social media to increase awareness and educate consumers about why the Diamonds were different than other consumer ratings. AAA needed fresh eyes and an outside perspective, and the Khoros Strategic Services Team offered both. The Khoros Strategic Services Team are experts on Khoros solutions and helped the brand strategize, create content, and pull together benchmarking data. During the first campaign with the Khoros Strategic Services Team, AAA increased their followers and engagement from both paid and organic social media. The content created was evergreen and high quality so they will be able to use it on the national level as well as the club level for years to come. The content extended beyond social; videos they created were so effective that AAA uses them in offices across the nation.

Every three years, AAA evaluates all of the social media management tools on the market, and each time they’ve chosen Khoros. Not only does Khoros offer all of the software and tools that AAA needs to function at their highest level, but Khoros also offers unique and valuable relationships with Khoros support and strategic teams. Khoros team members routinely offer product coaching sessions and from them, AAA team members learn how to effectively use new elements of the platform while also forming meaningful, lasting relationships with Khoros team members. This focus on the customer is, for AAA, what sets Khoros apart from other vendors.

How they made it work

  • Multi brand engagement


    with the Khoros Strategic Services Team to revamp their Diamond Program social media campaigns.

  • Multi assets


    on optimizing content by social media channel.

  • Multi blog


    evergreen social media content in three areas: destinations for travel, education about the Diamond Program, and AAA’s hotel and restaurant inspectors.

  • Multi growth


    content effectively across the brand and across social media channels.

We’re really proud of the success of this campaign: we saw more than 40% growth in reach and more than 100% growth in engagement year-over-year.

— Mary Devine
Director of Brand Services


With their revamped Diamond Program social media campaigns, for which they partnered with the Khoros Strategic Services Team, AAA significantly increased both of their target metrics: reach and engagement. Year-over-year, AAA saw double-digit growth in reach and triple-digit growth in engagement with Diamond Program related content in their social channels.

  • 40%

    increase in reach year-over-year

  • 100%

    increase in engagement year-over-year

  • 120K+

    annual views for the Diamond Program videos