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CX Confessions | Episode 3


Why data relevance is the key to customer experience

Data is key to improve what your brand is doing, but how do you know what data you need? How do you harness it to make next-level experiences for customers? Our next guest discusses how his experiences in B2B and B2C have changed his outlook on customer insight—and what it means to deliver value and create lasting customer loyalty.

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Here's what we talked about:

In this episode of CX Confessions: The Customer Experience Show, hosts Staci Satterwhite, Chief Customer Officer at Khoros, and Spike Jones, General Manager, Strategic Services at Khoros, sit down with Richard George, Global Head of Integrated Marketing at London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). Richard shares some of the key lessons he’s learned throughout his career, including how creativity can enable agility, the importance of aesthetics while considering the human element of digital interaction, and the value of understanding data relevance to create impactful and timely customer experiences.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Creative go-to-market strategies and solutions

  • Getting buy-in from stakeholders by going beyond slide presentations

  • The importance of agility and inclusivity in a team setting

  • Leveraging data to unlock customer relevance

  • How to integrate your tech stack effectively

Design Headshot S2 Episode 3 copy

Meet Richard, 

Global Head of Integrated Marketing at London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG)

Richard is a Marketing and Digital Executive, experienced in leading all aspects of a Digital function, broader Customer Experience transformation and Marketing ideation, enablement and execution. His experience covers both business and technical roles across multiple industries (financial services, media, retail, telecoms) and geographies (global exposure having physically lived and worked in the USA, UK, Greece, and Ireland).

Today, Richard leads the Integrated Marketing function for London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). A 150 person team working across 30 countries covering Global Campaigns, Regional Marketing, Performance Marketing & Paid Media, Digital Experience and Marketing Automation.

Richard has previously worked for brands including Thomson Reuters, Telefonica O2, eircom and Marks & Spencer. In 2020, Richard received a “One to Watch” Award by the CIO Executive Council. In 2018, he was recognized as an "Industry Visionary" as part of the BIMA100, the British Interactive Media Association's annual showcase of "100 of the digital industry's brightest stars". In the same year, he was also recognized in the "IT Executive of the Year" category at the Stevies Awards.

The need to build using customer insight, creating experiences that are aesthetically pleasing and work focused on how to drive performance… These things I do really think transcend different industries.

— Richard George

I think the key word… is relevance. The greater relevance that you can drive in your experiences, the greater impact you’ll ultimately have on the value that you deliver to the customer or to the business. And data is really that key component in unlocking relevance.

— Richard George

As technology has become more powerful and usable, it's really allowed the business to change how they market to customers and prospects. And critically, that shift is towards more intelligent, more automated activity that really wraps around that customer journey…

— Richard George

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