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Design Podcast Episode 18 Rob Morris

CX Confessions | Episode 18


The Truth of Human Connection: Losing Labels

Human connection means recognizing that on the other side of the phone, the screen, the label—there's a human attached who feels, reacts, and solves. We talk a lot about confessions, and one of the biggest ones is that we’re all guilty of applying labels to others and reducing their value.

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Here's what we talked about:

    To gain his insight, we spoke with Rob Morris, CEO and co-founder of Love146, about the powerful origin of his company, how technology affects his work towards ending child trafficking, and how he practices defiant hope.

    Join us as we discuss:

    • The Love146 origin story

    • Pros and cons of technology

    • The power of defiant hope

Design Podcast Episode 18 Rob Morris

Meet Rob, 

CEO and Co-founder of Love 146

Rob Morris is the CEO and co-founder of Love146, an international human rights organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation. Prior to co-founding Love146, Rob worked with Mercy Ships International directing training schools at the International Operations Center. He has lectured and taught in over 20 countries on issues of justice, compassion, and human rights, and has been featured in the Huffington Post, the CNN Freedom Project, Forbes, WNPR, Alec Baldwin’s “Here’s the Thing” podcast on WNYC, Fox News, and more.

90% of the kids that we care for both in the States as well as overseas, have been exploited online.

— Rob Morris

There's this commonly held belief that all awareness is good. And I don't think that that's necessarily a true thing.

— Rob Morris

Defiant hope, to me, is different from optimism in that it recognizes the harshness of the reality of what we're dealing with. But it insists that it can change and potentially change by my action.

— Rob Morris

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