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Design Podcast Episode 15 Vasco Pedro

CX Confessions | Episode 16


The Power of Language

Language is the backbone for creating trust. What does that mean for global brands? In a world full of diverse dialects, we need to aim for inclusivity across services and products. This is what we discuss with Vasco Pedro, Co-founder and CEO at Unbabel.

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Here's what we talked about:

    In this episode, we hear from Vasco Pedro, Co-Founder & CEO at Unbabel, about how AI is blazing a path for more inclusive communication and bridging language gaps.

    Join us as we discuss:

    • The role AI plays in communication

    • AI limitations

    • The significance of language accessibility

    • Building trust through communication

Design Podcast Episode 15 Vasco Pedro

Meet Vasco, 

CEO & Co-Founder at Unbabel

Vasco Pedro is a co-founder and chief executive officer of Unbabel, a company that removes language barriers by blending artificial intelligence with real time, human translations. A serial entrepreneur, Vasco has led Unbabel since 2013, taking it through Y Combinator and raising a total of $31 million in funding.

Companies end up relying on just one language for customer service, while they're already selling in a bunch of languages—this creates customer service inequality.

— Vasco Pedro

There's a clear impact in growth in companies that can very quickly tackle a bunch of languages, and companies that can't.

— Vasco Pedro

The way we communicate is what enables us to create trust.

— Vasco Pedro

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