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CX Confessions | Episode 9


Strengthening connectivity in the healthcare space

What is “interoperability?” Why is it important for the customer experience in the healthcare industry? Blake Adams, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Florence Healthcare, shares his insights on how greater accessibly and inclusivity drives a better customer experience for both the healthcare industry and patients alike.

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Here's what we talked about:

In this episode of CX Confessions: The Customer Experience Show, host Staci Satterwhite, COO at Khoros, and guest host Philippe Mesritz, VP Professional Services at Khoros, sit down with Blake Adams, Senior Vice President of Marketing (Head of Marketing) at Florence Healthcare. As employee #8 at Florence Healthcare, Blake has helped to grow the company from the ground-up, and he has plenty of CX wisdom to share from his 13+ years of experience as a marketer.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How technological innovations are improving healthcare CX

  • Why Blake is a big advocate for interoperability and systems integration

  • Strategies for creating a more accessible and inclusive customer experience

  • Why Florence Healthcare focuses on analyzing operational data

  • Where Blake sees the healthcare industry going in the future

    S2 E9 headshot

    Meet Blake, 

    Senior Vice President of Marketing, at Florence Healthcare

    Blake Adams is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Florence Healthcare. He has over 13 years of experience building and leading high-growth marketing and strategy teams that balance metric-driven performance with long-term brand equity growth.

    His specialties in marketing include:

    • Accelerating predictable revenue growth through long- and short-term strategies;

    • Increasing customer retention, loyalty and expansion through customer experience;

    • Creating and dominating categories through brand and public relations strategies;

    • Building teams to create plans and execute the vision;

    • Maximizing business value through aligning sales, customer success, and product;

    • And finally, scaling companies through data-driven experimentation.

    Blake is passionate about building teams, finding and leading impact players and maximizing their potential to drive sustainable, scalable, and repeatable growth. He’s also the host of Florence Healthcare’s podcast, The Next Phase: Exploring Innovation in Clinical Trials.

    In his free time, Blake sits on several non-profit boards, consults with small and start-up non-profit organizations, and of course, enjoys spending time with his wife and two young boys.

    The less time people spend on our platform, the better. And so for us, if they can get their work done really fast, it means that they're spending more time with that patient who's going through the clinical trial, which is really important to us. So I think that's where integration and interoperability come in.

    — Blake Adams

    When you think of diversity in the user experience, there are very few technologies or platforms today that are not used by extremely different groups of stakeholders. Even social media goes from me up to my grandmother who's still pretty active on social media. And so they have to cater to that entire spectrum, not only in age, but in demographics.

    — Blake Adams

    Every research site, every hospital, every system really has unique needs and unique capabilities. And there's also benefits with having competing vendors out there. But the ability to integrate competing systems is really critical because ultimately we all want to make the patient's life better. And so I think that's a big part, is interoperability.

    — Blake Adams

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