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Design Podcast Episode 11 Ken Ewell

CX Confessions | Episode 11


Reversible CX: Delightful on the Inside & Outside

There are two sides to the CX coin: customers and employees. Looking after the people who look after your customers isn’t a new concept, but it isn’t actively pursued enough. There’s a lot of white space to explore, as our next guest mentions in this episode.

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Here's what we talked about:

    In this episode, Chief Customer Officer of (formerly SurveyMonkey), Ken Ewell is just about the best person we could find with whom to discuss:

    •’s rationale for creating the CCO role

    • CX being about both your customers and your employees who serve them

    • The difference between data and information in enabling CS

    • Confession: what it was like to learn that relationships matter far more than what’s being pitched or the pitch itself

Design Podcast Episode 11 Ken Ewell

Meet Ken, 

Chief Customer Officer at

Ken joined Momentive (formerly SurveyMonkey) in 2020 and leads the company’s customer operations, customer success, professional services, and CX program, leveraging his 20 years of experience as a leader at some of the largest and most notable firms in the country—from IBM to AT&T. He previously served as vice president of customer success and analytics solutions at Neustar, a leader in marketing analytics and customer identity management solutions. Ken has an MBA from the J.L. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and a BS in Computer Science from Hampton University.

My role as a Chief Customer Officer is about customers, and it's also about our people. I think the way that you grow a business requires those two things moving forward in parallel with each other.

— Ken Ewell

Customers want to understand that you know something about them that is unique to their experience. A software product, by definition, is not designed in the context of any specific customer.

— Ken Ewell

Everybody can capture data. Can we differentiate ourselves and go to the next level? Can we be more relevant to customers? In situations that matter to them, that's where the extra wins and next-level relationships come from.

— Ken Ewell

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