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Khoros Podcast S2 Episode 6 Michael Katz Mindful Data

CX Confessions | Episode 6


Mindful data collection in the age of data chaos

Are data literacy and data design just as important as the data itself? How do you stop collecting data for data’s sake? Michael Katz teaches us about data chaos and how bringing mindfulness to data collection and analytics saves organizations from “the messy middle.”

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Here's what we talked about:

In this episode of CX Confessions: The Customer Experience Show, our Khoros hosts, sit down with Michael Katz, Co-Founder and CEO of mParticle. Michael shares his tricks of the trade when it comes to tackling data chaos and operational complexity, as well as some helpful hints for aspiring founders in the tech space.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How organizations can prioritize sustainable growth

  • Taking a mindful approach to data design

  • How to streamline data across all consumer touchpoints

  • The consumer touchpoints brands should be paying attention to

  • Keeping up with the digital ecosystem’s rapid evolution

    Khoros Podcast S2 Episode 6 Michael Katz Mindful Data

    Meet Michael, 

    Co-Founder and CEO, mParticle

    Michael Katz is the co-founder and CEO of mParticle, a customer data platform that helps brands unify data across all consumer touch points to optimize marketing outcomes and customer experience.

    Previously, Michael was the founder and CEO of interclick, which he took public in 2009 when he was in his twenties. Later in 2011, Michael and the team sold the company to Yahoo for $270M.

    He previously sat on the Board of Directors for BrightLine and Adaptly, which was acquired by Accenture, and he’s also a mentor at Techstars.

    We don't want people to embrace data hoarding. We want people to be really mindful and collect as little data as possible to drive the most amount of impact. And it's going to be far more cost effective and it's going to create the most bang for their buck.

    — Michael Katz

    I think every company is either trying to grow their business, to run it more efficiently or to transform it in some way, shape or form. Customer data is really high leverage because it allows you to create predictability in the results that you are attempting to seek.

    — Michael Katz

    People will talk about treating data as a product and that's kind of fuzzy, but that's what it's all about. It's being mindful about how that ends up mapping both directly and indirectly to business outcomes.

    — Michael Katz

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