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Design Podcast Episode 14 Linda Goldstein

CX Confessions | Episode 14


Keeping Customers in the Discussion

When tragedy strikes, people tend to spiral into anxiety and be overwhelmed—that's human nature. But, what if there was a way to ease that burden? It comes down to humanizing the process of filing claims, and insurance companies have a sizable impact on what that experience will look like for all involved. This is what we discuss with Linda Goldstein, Chief Marketing Officer at CSAA Insurance Group.

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Here's what we talked about:

    In this episode, Linda Goldstein, Chief Marketing Officer at CSAA Insurance Group, explains the importance of personal touch, respecting data, and why you need to leverage a customer effort score.

    We discuss:

    • Bringing the human touch into insurance claims

    • Being respectful of people's data/how you use it

    • Leveraging NPS results and customer effort scores

Design Podcast Episode 14 Linda Goldstein

Meet Linda, 

Executive Vice President, Customer Experience & Marketing at CSAA Insurance Group

Linda Goldstein leads all aspects of marketing, including digital marketing, external affairs and brand management, marketing analytics, market research, customer-experience management, data strategy, and direct marketing. She was previously vice president of marketing channels and partners for CSAA Insurance Group, where she developed new marketing and analytics capabilities and led integrated marketing plans to support insurance growth for AAA club partners. Prior to joining CSAA Insurance Group, Ms. Goldstein had a 17-year career with Citigroup, where she held various senior executive marketing positions. She has a bachelor’s degree from Boston University and an MBA from Fordham University. She is past president of the board of directors for Berkeley Humane.

The customer needs to be at the beginning, the middle, and the end of every discussion.

— Linda Goldstein

If you address the customer pain point, you'll get the business outcome that you desire.

— Linda Goldstein

I learned early that you have to be super respectful of people's information. You have to use it in a way in which it doesn't create anxiety or fear.

— Linda Goldstein

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