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CX Confessions | Episode 2


Hyper-personalizing the buying & sales experience for success

Why is personalization such an important aspect of the customer experience? We invited Alex Schmelkin, CMO and CRO of Unqork, to share his perspective on this topic and more, including how the buying experience of software is shifting.

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Here's what we talked about:

In this episode of CX Confessions: The Customer Experience Show, hosts Staci Satterwhite, Chief Customer Officer at Khoros, and Spike Jones, General Manager, Strategic Services at Khoros, sit down with Alex Schmelkin, CMO and CRO of Unqork, a no-code visual software development project platform. Alex shares his perspective on personalization in the customer experience and some of the tangible results he and the team have seen from taking a hyper-personalized approach.  

Join us as we discuss:

  • The inspiration and purpose behind Unqork

  • Why taking a personalized approach to CX is key

  • Some of the positive impacts Unqork has seen from taking a hyper-personalized approach to the sales journey

  • How no-code software can take on complex workloads, not just simple tasks

  • How the world of software development will continue to evolve in the future

Design Headshot CX Confessions S2 Episode 2 copy

Meet Alex, 

Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Revenue Officer at Unqork

Alex is an impassioned technology leader and entrepreneur who has been helping companies build and grow their digital businesses since 1994. He joined the founding team at Unqork to take that passion to another level as the company fundamentally changes the economics of software development by helping the world’s largest organizations fulfill their missions without writing a single line of code.

At Unqork, Alex oversees all marketing and strategic partnerships for the company while also playing a key role in customer experience efforts and the development of Unqork’s product: the only no-code platform designed to support the complexity, scale and security of mission-critical applications.

Prior to joining Unqork, Alex was Founder and CEO of Cake & Arrow, an award-winning customer experience agency that focuses on the insurance and e-commerce industries. Cake & Arrow clients include MetLife, Citigroup, Bose, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

The development techniques that come with code-less software, with no-code styles of development are so economically attractive that you can't ignore them. It's 70 to 80% cheaper and faster…

— Alex Schmelkin

Don't get me wrong, I want to make one thing clear. We love code. I love code. I'm a hacker, I'm a coder...The code should be used for very, very limited things where you really know what you're doing and you're trying to do something so special and so unique.

— Alex Schmelkin

...we don't respond to RFPs, we don't make outlandish or overly complex proposals. Instead, the way we personalize the buying and the sales experience is we just show them the software. We could just jump in and immediately hyper personalize and customize and show you what it's all about.

— Alex Schmelkin

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