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Podcast Episode 8 Jonathan Becher

CX Confessions | Episode 8


From tattoos to teal: How to deliver inclusive experiences

Many brands would love to have a fanbase dedicated enough to tattoo the company logo on them. But what you knew that superfans like these can hurt your brand? Even in sports. This counterintuitive discovery is one of many lessons today’s guest, Jonathan Becher, has learned during his tenure as President of the San Jose Sharks.

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Here’s what we talked about

Jonathan Becher has learned a lot about customer experiences during his tenure as President of the San Jose Sharks. He joins the show to share how he increased the team’s fanbase through inclusivity and shifting to a more community-driven CX. You don’t want to miss these important topics:

  • How the Sharks went from superfans to an inclusive fanbase (and why it paid off)

  • How abolishing their official fanclub increased their fanbase

  • Why experience is more important than customer

Podcast Episode 8 Jonathan Becher

Meet Jonathan,

President of the San Jose Sharks

“You can normally find me hiking on weekends. It clears my head and allows me to think more deeply. I’m a frequent speaker at industry events and a published author on multiple subjects. I was named the most social CMO in the Huffington Post, one of the world’s most influential CMOs by Forbes Magazine, and a top CxO on Twitter by Social Media Marketing Magazine. I’ve had several senior leadership roles at SAP, I’m a three-time CEO, member of multiple Boards, and an adviser to early-stage companies. These days I’m the President of the Sharks Sports & Entertainment.”

It's clear by being more inclusive, we actually increased the size of the Sharks’ territory.

— Jonathan Becher

I did something really controversial: announced that we were abolishing our own official fan club so we would really be community-driven.

— Jonathan Becher

A pretty good plan, communicated and socialized really well, tends to beat an excellent plan with poor communication and socialization.

— Jonathan Becher

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