Design Podcast Episode 17 Jeff Haarling

CX Confessions | Episode 17


Don’t Treat Your Customers Like Tickets

We’ve all used Zoom at least once in the last two years—it’s even reached meme status. To get an inside scoop into the story of Zoom and his expert insight into the evolution of customer experience, we sat down with the Head of Global Self-Service at Zoom, Jeff Harling.

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Here's what we talked about:

    In this episode, we hear from Jeff Harling, Head of Global Self-Service at Zoom, about the evolution of CX, the one thing he wished he had focused on sooner in his career, and much more.

    Join us as we discuss:

    • How Zoom has evolved over time

    • How CX has changed and how it hasn’t

    • The controversy of offering self-service (is it really that disliked?)

    • Tracking data around customer experience

Design Podcast Episode 17 Jeff Haarling

Meet Jeff, 

Head of Global Self-Service at Zoom

Jeff Harling is the Head of Global Self-Service for Zoom Support. In this role, he leads digital support strategy for Zoom’s support web experience, including: chatbot, AI, search engine optimization, content and knowledge management as well as the new Zoom customer support community. Jeff has spent the past two decades leading the transformation of digital customer support experiences. Most recently, Jeff led the self-service program at RingCentral, and prior to this role, he has worked for Zendesk, Avaya, and Comcast in similar roles. He is a four time JD Powers award winner and a member of the Technology Services World Star Award Hall of Fame for service delivery and content/knowledge management. Jeff holds a Masters in Information Management from Regis University and resides in Denver, Colorado.

Customers are really looking for an experience that treats them like people, not like tickets.

— Jeff Harling

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate measure for us. It cannot be understated.

— Jeff Harling

We have a new Zoom community that has now taken off in just six months, we have hundreds of thousands of people that are coming and just conversing with one another, not necessarily with Zoomies. But they're mostly solving their problems using the knowledge of their peers that are also customers of Zoom.

— Jeff Harling

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