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Podcast Episode 5 Sangeeta Mudnal

CX Confessions | Episode 5


CX that thrills: How Crown Castle reinvented B2B CX

In this episode Sangeeta Mudnal, VP of Customer Experience at Crown Castle, joins us to talk about building mutually beneficial relationships with consumers by delivering thrilling customer experiences.

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Here’s what we talked about

In an increasingly connected world, customer experience has become a make-or-break asset to any company. B2B brands are now being faced with the choice to adapt or age out. You don’t want to miss these important topics:

  • Differences between B2B and B2C
  • Why B2Bs need CX
  • Achieving brand advocates
  • How to thrill customers
Podcast Episode 5 Sangeeta Mudnal

Meet Sangeeta,

VP of Customer Experience at Crown Castle

Sangeeta Mudnal is a creative product leader known for devising innovative solutions and strategies, with expertise in software application development, AI technologies, and customer experience excellence. As the Vice President at Crown Castle, the nation's largest provider of communications infrastructure, she is responsible for facilitating the ownership of customer experience excellence throughout the company. Before her role in Crown Castle, she worked at Microsoft for 21 years in various Engineering and Product leadership roles. She was the Group Program Manager for Responsible AI in Microsoft Research NYC, and previous to that, she was the product leader for Excel on the Mac platform.

The future is going to be a hybrid CX model, which is a combination of physical and digital and AI.

— Sangeeta Mudnal

First, you have to make sure that the customer’s lifetime value increases with repeat purchases, and then you want them to become advocates of your company.

— Sangeeta Mudnal

One of the CX goals we have at the company is how to ease speed and predictability — and that thrilled our customers.

— Sangeeta Mudnal

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