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Design Podcast Episode 10

CX Confessions | Episode 10


Community is more than marketing, it’s about connection

Community creation isn’t about you or your product. It’s about helping the people in your community find answers to problems and to feel that they are connected to others who are on the same journey. The fastest way to ruin the trust you built within your community is to start trying to sell.

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Here's what we talked about:

    In this episode, we interview Vidya Peters, Chief Marketing Officer and Interim Chief Product Officer at Marqeta, Inc, about her do’s and don’ts for creating an online community for developers. Join us as we discuss:

    • Vidya’s gold standard for community and connection

    • Exploring a hybrid model of online connection

    • Building trust within the community you’re creating

    • Why people forget that tech problems are actually about people

    • Confession: What it was like to be mocked on YouTube

Design Podcast Episode 10

Meet Vidya, 

CMO at Marqeta

Vidya Peters is Marqeta’s Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for the company’s global marketing efforts. She drives marketing strategy and execution including brand, PR, corporate marketing, product marketing, events, and demand generation. Vidya joined Marqeta from MuleSoft where she led their 100+ person global marketing team to establish MuleSoft as a category creator with an integrated go-to-market strategy across product, field, and demand generation. Before MuleSoft, Vidya held a number of leadership roles at Intuit and was a strategy consultant at Bain & Company.

We're not in the business of selling software, we're in the business of solving people's problems. If connection is one of people's most important problems, then community is the way to help address that.

— Vidya Peters

When people get together in a community, they’re seeking each other out to find answers to problems that they're encountering and they're looking for that connection to know that they're not alone in that journey.

— Vidya Peters

I love this idea of building a community where developers could gather. We're definitely not going to get in there and try to sell to anyone and destroy the whole spirit behind having a community.

— Vidya Peters

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