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Podcast Episode 7 Suzanne Fanning

CX Confessions | Episode 7


Cheeselandia: A Micro Influencer Love Story

We spoke with marketing pioneer Suzanne Fanning, CMO for Wisconsin Cheese, about the innovative and revolutionary ways this organization turned a small marketing budget into a campaign that “won” South by Southwest (SXSW) and became a favorite of Elon Musk.

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Here’s what we talked about

Suzanne Fanning talks about some of her great work as the head of marketing at Wisconsin Cheese and how she’s brought her ideas to life. You don’t want to miss these important topics:

  • The success of Cheeselandia, a fan-driven online community that is bigger than ever.

  • Accomplishing mind-blowing customer engagement with a tiny budget.

  • Bringing celebrity guest Nick Offerman into a virtual Wisconsin Cheese event at SXSW.

  • The importance of organic word-of-mouth marketing.

Podcast Episode 7 Suzanne Fanning

Meet Suzanne,

Chief Market Officer at Wisconsin Cheese

Suzanne Fanning is the Chief Marketing Officer for Wisconsin’s $44 billion dairy industry. With decades of global marketing experience, Fanning brings a unique approach to her work that has revolutionized how consumers think about Wisconsin Cheese. Since taking her role in 2017, Fanning has built a fierce team of skilled marketers and leads efforts to elevate perceptions of Wisconsin Cheese. Fanning focuses on branding, digital, advertising, public relations, consumer events, stakeholder communications, and channel/retail marketing.

If you read marketing books, marketing blogs, follow marketing experts, there are wonderful case studies and sources of inspiration everywhere.

— Suzanne Fanning

Social media is great, right? But we wanted to go further than that. We wanted to have a personal connection with our consumers.

— Suzanne Fanning

We looked for people who have that authentic love for Wisconsin cheese. We looked for people who are really great storytellers. So we weren't looking for that huge social media following, we were looking for micro influencers.

— Suzanne Fanning

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