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Podcast Episode 4 Lisa Mcknight page

CX Confessions | Episode 4


Barbie’s Social Responsibility to Diversity, Sustainability, & Empowerment

The iconic Barbie brand has always been a staple of the toy industry; with the new Mattel PlayBack sustainability initiative and the Youtube presence aimed to help children through the COVID-19 pandemic, Barbie is raising the industry standard of how a toy can be involved with the social narrative.

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Here’s what we talked about

Lisa McKnight, SVP & Global Head of Barbie & Dolls Portfolio at Mattel, Inc., joins the show to discuss her successes with the Barbie brand. In this episode, we dive into:

  • Establishing a mission for Barbie to evolve

  • Keeping Barbie relevant w/ today’s situations

  • The science behind Barbie’s latest campaign

  • Commitment to sustainability w/ Mattel

  • Increasing diversity & utilizing data

  • Missteps & solutions within the Barbie brand

Podcast Episode 4 Lisa Mcknight page

Meet Lisa,

SVP & Global Head of Barbie & Dolls Portfolio at Mattel

Lisa McKnight oversees the entire doll portfolio for Mattel, leading a global team in strategy, product development, and marketing execution. Lisa has been instrumental in evolving the iconic Barbie brand into the most diverse doll line on the market that is reflective of the world girls see around them. She led the brand’s efforts to define a global social mission with the Barbie Dream Gap Project, an ongoing initiative with a mission to level the playing field for girls globally. Under Lisa’s leadership, Barbie had its highest growth sales in over two decades and was named #1 global toy property in 2020.

It doesn't take a small village to run [Barbie]. It takes a small metro area to run this brand.

— Lisa McKnight

If we hadn't started to evolve and modernized Barbie, over five years ago, we would not have been prepared.

— Lisa McKnight

The toys we make need to reflect the world that kids see around them.

— Lisa McKnight

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