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Khoros Staff

Brand Messenger 2.0, hassle-free mobile chat configuration, and a brand-new integration with Google Dialogflow are the key highlights of our latest product release.

Let's explore how these enhancements further support your digital customer service strategy.

Brand Messenger gets a powerful upgrade

Prepare to elevate your customer engagement with the advanced capabilities of Brand Messenger 2.0. Effective customer communication is critical; see the highlighted features that streamline processes for administrators and customers in this latest iteration of Brand Messenger. This upgrade surpasses all previous web chat versions, iOS and Android SDKs.

  • Configure with more control:

Empower admins to effortlessly set up automated system messages, including privacy policies, disclaimers, and personalized welcome notices. This control ensures consistent communication and compliance while saving valuable time and resources.

  • Simplified pre-chat forms:

Say goodbye to the hassle of support tickets for pre-chat forms. Our upgraded messenger enables easy configuration of pre-chat forms, making the process smoother and more convenient for your agents and customers.

  • Improved accessibility:

Accessibility is critical to an inclusive customer experience. This latest upgrade makes your messaging function more accessible, with enhanced features like audio readouts of messages. You can now deliver seamless support experiences to every customer, regardless of their unique needs or preferences.

  • Improved governance for multiple use cases:

Deploy unique chatbots across multiple business units and teams. Tailor chatbot experiences to address specific departmental needs, ensuring a seamless customer journey and adhering to distinct guidelines. Empower your teams with customized chatbots for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • No code migration:

Unlike traditional upgrades that require extensive code migration, our no-code migration process ensures a seamless transition to the enhanced brand messenger, saving you valuable time and resources. Reap the benefits of our advanced features to focus on what truly matters — improving your customer experience and satisfaction — without the hassle of complex migration processes.

Configuring mobile chat becomes a breeze

Introducing our latest update - no more tedious configurations! With our no-code configuration and design feature for the mobile chat experience directly within Khoros Care, creating a personalized look and feel that perfectly aligns with your brand has never been easier or more efficient.

Previously, configuring the mobile chat experience required handling thirty+ different settings, leading to a cumbersome and time-consuming process, adding strain to your resources. However, now you can bid farewell to those complexities. Our streamlined design interface empowers you to customize design colors, conversation styles, and actions directly within Khoros Care. Admins can also control display conditions on the mobile app, such as hiding the chat icon when volumes are too high.

With a few clicks, you can transform the mobile chat experience to reflect your brand identity confidently and seamlessly.

Integrating with Google Dialogflow for enhanced bot flows

If you are a Dialogflow user today for text-based bots and intent classification, let’s get you connected with Khoros Flow for streamlined automation and operational efficiency.!

You can now connect your bot built using Google DialogFlow to Khoros without manual coding or intricate configurations. This integration ensures your bot effortlessly adapts to various channels enabling smooth customer interactions across platforms. and take your automation to a new level.

The benefits extend beyond simple connectivity. This key integration also allows you to trigger events within Khoros Flow using Dialogflow intents. With this capability, you can seamlessly execute other flows, perform specific code actions, or apply tags — all with just a few clicks. This integration empowers you to orchestrate complex interactions, automate processes, and streamline operations.

What’s next?

Next time, watch out for Khoros Bridge, a game-changing CRM integration! Additionally, we have some exciting new developments with our agent assist early adopter program, which is set to elevate agent productivity and enhance ROI tracking.

Stay tuned for our next episode!

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