2022 August Market Study: Modernizing Service Experiences With AI & Digital

The definitive report for contact center leaders

Many consumers still see the phone call as their best option to contact brands, even as digital channels proliferate at a never-before-seen pace. Customers rarely trust agents to care about their issues, and they trust chatbots even less. These trends make it exceedingly difficult to run a contact center today, but with modern advances in technology, it’s easier than you might think.

In this exclusive report, Customer Contact Week (CCW) covers the strategies that the best brands use to achieve success, the factors that influence success, forecasts for the next five to ten years, and much more. This definitive resource is the perfect way for any customer service leader to find an advantage in such a difficult time.

Topics include:

  • A surprising statistic about the state of AI investments

  • Insight into how AI will really affect the employee experience

  • Predictions for how AI will transform the entire service operation ahead of 2030

  • Biggest digital wins and losses over the past few years

  • Ways to make customers more confident in AI and digital support options

  • Top opportunities for digital channels to a superior service experience

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