Everything you want from enterprise customer service software — and a whole lot more.

Digital-first customer service is the future — and it’s already here. Things are changing quickly and the stakes are high. Let’s start with why:

  • The right channels for the right reasons: Email to support the largest audience, Chat for your highest-traffic channels, Messaging for highest-growth opportunities, Social & Reviews on highest-visibility platforms, and Community to offer the highest self-service option.
  • The right platform to increase customer NPS and maximize efficiency: Listening, queuing, & routing workflows, unified conversation manager, chatbots & AI orchestration, workforce management & analytics, and open integrations.
  • AI-powered workflows and operational analytics — so they can deliver your brands’ best customer experience.
  • Give agents a single, easy-to-use platform to manage digital conversations with

Digital-first service that delights your customers, your budget, and your agents

Easiest-to-use conversation manager

An agent’s paradise

Give agents intuitive tools, conversation history, and customer CRM context so they can easily resolve inquiries in every channel without switching screens.

Workforce management made easy

A manager’s dream 

Reliably manage and forecast your resources in real-time. Achieve greater scale with automation and capacity with conversation-based (not session-based) workflows.

Improve customer NPS with efficient technology

An executive’s priority 

Easily connect to back-end systems like Salesforce and SAP at industry standards for security and privacy certification. Achieve holistic customer profiles that enable rich conversations and personalization that drive better customer experience and brand loyalty.

You’ve got options. Why choose Khoros Care?

We’ve been a leader in digital care for 10 years with 6 patents covering digital workflows.

  • Proven leaders and experts in service pioneering asynchronous workflows and operational management for ten years and has 6 patents in digital customer service.
  • Unbeatable in scale the most advanced workflows proven to support your biggest success or crisis.
  • Strength in the ecosystem and channels that are growing from email, chat, messaging, social, community forums, reviews, SMS, and more — we unify more diverse channels in one engagement hub, plus the easiest way to plug in new channels and AI.
  • Deepest operational analytics uniquely combine the deepest operational analytics with traditional call center metrics and customer experience.
  • Integrated with your business we invest heavily in our open platform and have built strong ecosystem partnerships and integrations. Supports any bot or automation service, out-of-the-box CRM connectors, any knowledgebase, and data reporting systems.

Screenshot options

Award-winning services because software is only part of the solution

Empowerment beyond initial deployment

The Khoros Enablement team delivers customized, dynamic implementation and training to ensure a successful launch, as well as access to experts and scalable resources to promote ongoing adoption, optimization, and change management.

The support you need, how you need it

Flexible offerings to meet the needs and preferences of your organization, your teams, and your individual platform users.

Your social care subject matter experts

Collaborate with our Enablement team to seamlessly map your business needs into Khoros Care; creating workflows and reporting that elevates the experience not just for your customers, but for your team, as well.


    Let’s run the numbers


    return on investment in 3 years with Khoros Care

    Khoros Care helps businesses grow by reducing support costs and increasing the capacity of digital care teams. Discover the value leading enterprises like yours you can unlock with our ROI calculator.

    Khoros is a platform for digital-first customer engagement

    We offer one platform, powered by connection, to create a seamless digital experience for your customers. Combine digital customer care with online brand communities and social media for the highest ROI.

    Online, brand communities

    Host a space where your customers can ask questions, solve problems, and share new ideas.

    Social media marketing and management

    Orchestrate, govern, and measure social media campaigns that drive business results.