Khoros Engage 

The event for digital leaders

This September, you’ll hear from leading global brands about creating winning digital-first strategies to deliver amazing customer experiences. Khoros Engage has it all — dynamic general sessions, thought-provoking breakout discussions, practical tips, and virtual networking.


Learn from the world's top brands

  • Adobe
  • Zoom
  • Facebook
  • Shopify
  • Square
  • Cisco
  • Pandora

Broadcast & designed for a global audience

September 22 in US, Canada, & Europe

September 23 in Australia & New Zealand

We’re proud to bring a worldwide audience together to learn from top brands that represent a variety of industries who serve businesses and consumers. Learn from the best in the business from the comfort of your home.

With the world’s top brands

Our speakers and panelists are experts in the benefits of making a digital transformation a reality, and they can show you how to do it too. These industry veterans are leaders in messaging, community engagement, chatbots, artificial intelligence, social marketing, and much more.

A variety of content and formats

Understand macro trends with our general session speakers, and get detailed learnings from our breakout sessions, product demos, and live Q&A. Enjoy a combination of on-demand content to watch when convenient and live sessions to join in with peers.

Big picture
Khoros Engage was like no other digital event I've seen. It felt warm, genuine, and trustworthy. An amazing feat during these times, and a testament to how Khoros stands out in gathering communities of people through digital. Your vision unites!

— Digital Leader, Teleperformance

Take your brand’s digital-first CX to the next level

Here’s what to expect 

Register for our online, 1-day event to see future of digital customer engagement. Get a peek of what’s in store for Khoros Engage 2021 by checking out our recap from the last two years.

Who can attend Khoros Engage? 

We designed this virtual event for those passionate about starting their digital-first customer experience and for those well on their way. Registration is free and open to anyone wanting to take their CX to the next level.

What’s your level?

We designed our Breakout Sessions for everyone on their way to digital transformation. Whether you’re a Rookie and just starting your journey to digital-first CX, or a Pro who has been doing it for years, we have just the session for you to advance your brand’s CX goals. 


For those new to digital-first customer experience (CX) and beginning their digital transformation.


For experts who know what being digital-first means, and want to evolve their brand’s customer experience.


Anyone can join these sessions and learn something about maturing their CX approach on digital.

On-demand Breakout Sessions

  • The rise of audio: Clubhouse, podcasts, audio advertising, & more


    First there was text, then images, then video — now audio is stealing the show on social. The rise of Clubhouse, audio advertising, and a surge in podcast popularity hit marketing departments in a wave this year. Take a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities that audio marketing offers.

  • Conversational Commerce: Messaging, chat, and bots for sales, service, & insights


    Chat is good for more than just customer service — and there are more channels than just chat that customers want to engage you on. Every step of the customer journey can be enhanced with a quick, convenient, rich conversation. That’s Conversational Commerce.

  • Transforming to win — how digital leaders drive change


    How do you embrace change and transform your business? Learn from enterprise brands on how leaders drive change internally to not only meet the urgent needs of their customers, but also elevate their company’s success in the process.

  • Advanced communities: How to build deeper relationships around your brand purpose


    People want to be a part of a movement and create change — give them something to believe in by building deeper connections with more people and elevating the conversation. Learn the secret to successful online communities and tips and tricks to evolving your owned community.

  • Build, Buy, or Manage? How to build community when communities are everywhere


    The world has more options than ever when it comes to building community with your customers. Connect all of your passionate people and be more efficient and focused by aggregating communities. We’ll show you how to evolve from a social network community to a branded CX space.

  • Measuring the impact of CX improvements on customers and your business


    A proliferation of siloed, survey-based, VoC efforts results in a myopic approach to acquiring and acting on CX insights. Learn about data silos, survey fatigue, and how to create a unified view of your customers to drive better collaboration internally and deliver on the promise of customer data.

  • Man & machine: Merging the best of both worlds for customers and agents


    Your agents need smart chatbots just as much as your customers do. And they both need AI that works quietly in the background to help traffic requests and resolve inquiries faster. Learn where to combine chatbot speed and human understanding to make life easier for customers and agents.

  • Defend the “digital frontline”: How brands protect their community managers from violence, hate, and boredom


    As the frontline in digital domains, where some exhibit their worst behaviors, moderators need resources and safeguards to maintain their own mental health and the health of their communities. In this session, some of the world’s best online brand communities will share how they do this.

  • Master the digital service funnel: Deflect, Contain, Serve, Optimize


    Deflect customer inquiries to self-service portals, chat, and messaging. Contain the easy inquiries with bots. Serve the remaining inquiries with unmatched efficiency. Optimize every brand-owned property, entry point, and interaction to reduce volume and costs while increasing satisfaction.

  • [EMEA] Keeping It real with bots: Conversational Design & improving efficiencies


    How do brands keep a human touch while serving customers at scale? They do it with a thoughtful approach to conversational design for bots. We’ll also discuss consolidating platforms, improving workflows, and applying effective bots in your CX to personalize at scale.

  • [EMEA] It takes a village: How to take your community to the next level


    Communities provide great value when they focus on a specific aspect of the customer relationship — customer support being the most common. Expanding the focus to multiple aspects though is how brands “level up” their community. Leveling up isn’t easy, but we’ll show you how in this session

  • [EMEA] Back to the future: 10 years of future trends


    What’s the future of digital customer engagement and service? In this session, we explore trends that will shape CX over the coming decade. From Artificial Intelligence to changes in retail, and much more — get a preview of what’s to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions, best practices, and resources to help guide you through Khoros Engage.


I forgot which email I used to register. What do I do?

Send an email to and we’ll be happy to help!

What Diversity & Inclusion initiatives are a part of Khoros Engage?

Knowing we are stronger when we’re diverse, equal, and transparent, Khoros Engage will be making efforts to maintain all participants feel welcomed to join us at this event.

Preferred pronoun identification is available when building your digital profile in the Engage event platform.

During Live Keynotes + Emcee transitions, closed captioning will be available.

Where is Khoros Engage hosted?

Khoros Engage is an online conference. After completing the online registration process, you will receive a confirmation email containing the login link that you will need in order to access the platform.

Who should attend Khoros Engage?

Whether you’re new to the digital customer engagement or an experienced leader, you can learn something new at Khoros Engage. Khoros Engage is designed to help you develop the right skills to design, deploy, and continue your CX digital transformation.

What is the price to attend Khoros Engage?

Khoros Engage is a free online conference.

Can I get a confirmation of my Khoros Engage registration?

After completing the online registration process, you will receive a confirmation email.

Are there any sessions in other languages?

We currently only have sessions in English.

Have more questions we haven’t addressed?

Send an email to us at and we’ll be happy to help!

Any legal fine print?