Spring Innovation Release 2022: Happy agents, happy customers

Blake Birdwell, Product Marketing


After the past two years, if your brand is like most, your employees are feeling maxed out, stressed out, and burned out. And almost nobody has had it as bad as the people who interact with your customers every day: your customer experience team. Leaders and executives are struggling with increased attrition and higher training costs, especially in the contact center. The bad news is that these trends will probably continue, and possibly even increase, in 2022.

But there’s good news too! Khoros is here to help. Our latest release delivers new tools that will help you keep employees — and customers — happy for years to come.

What’s new in the Khoros platform this spring

As part of this year's Spring Innovation Release, we’ve delivered new AI-powered automation and user interface enhancements that will provide more support to your teams, from contact center agents to social media managers. We’re focused on helping you reduce employee stress, alleviate their workloads, and empower them to better support your customers.

Our platform is already award-winning, but we’re still always pumped to tell you about how it’s growing and improving. Here are a few of the highlights of a right-on-time Spring Innovation Release.

Agent Assist

Our new Agent Assist feature, which is already available to early access customers, dramatically reduces the time to handle customer inquiries, deliver accurate resolutions, and even the time needed to train new agents. Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), Agent Assist delivers agents real-time recommendations for troubleshooting Guides and Community Knowledge articles.

Zero-training AI

Agents are the most valuable resource in your contact center, and that’s where you should focus your investment. A contact center is only as good as the people interacting with customers. However, a close second in terms of contact center value is AI. And if you paid attention to the last launch, you know we’re into making AI easy.

Well, we really think we’ve outdone ourselves this spring with “zero-training” intent-based automation that’s easily-configurable to your business. That means no need for massive data lakes or specialized manpower to launch bots. You can find this approachability woven into our existing platform AI, and even driving our new Agent Assist tool.

Synchronous Agent Mode

Part of a glowing customer experience is meeting the customer where they are — when they’re available. These days, it’s hard to anticipate either of those. That’s why we’ve created Synchronous Agent Mode, which automatically prioritizes live web chats for your agents so they can easily see — and quickly serve — those customers expecting a real-time conversation. Available for early adopters, this new agent mode can help your contact center balance customer demands for both synchronous and asynchronous interactions — a crucial capability for any digital-first customer care organization.

Cobrowse integration

Playing a game of I Spy shouldn’t be part of any workflow in your contact center. With Cobrowse integration, an agent and customer can simultaneously navigate a webpage in real-time, enabling the agent to easily see where the customer is struggling and quickly help them resolve the customer’s issue.

Voice integration via Amazon Connect

We heard you loud and clear. We listened to you. This release, we’re adding something that is off the hook! Okay, enough with the puns. If you haven’t guessed already, we’re now adding voice support to Khoros for Contact Centers through our new integration with Amazon Connect. Available to early adopters, brands can now offer customers the ability to connect on any channel they choose. Plus, agents can handle voice interactions in the same, familiar Khoros interface they use to handle digital channels. With the addition of this voice integration, Khoros is closing the omnichannel loop!

Thank you to our customers — we couldn’t do it without you!

So much is new at Khoros, especially in the contact center, and we couldn’t be more excited about these changes. But we’re just as excited to bring our customers the same best-in-class service and partnership that wins us awards every year.

We have the top-rated commitment to our customers out of any of our peers, thanks largely to our incredible Strategic Services, Professional Services, and Product Coaching teams. We are with our customers every step of the way, whether they’ve been with us for 20 years or they’re just joining.

So, as we always do, we want to say a huge thank you to all the customers who keep coming back to our products year after year and pushing us to make them better. We couldn’t do it without you, and we can’t wait for you to get the most out of our latest updates.

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