The information in this tipsheet was shared in a breakout session during Khoros Engage, held September 9 - 11, 2019 in Austin, Texas.


  • Nicole Johnson — Vice President, Social Media, Synchrony
  • Kosta Triantafillou — Senior Director of Product Marketing, SAP

Demonstrating the ROI of your brand’s engagement on digital platforms isn’t always simple — there isn’t necessarily a straight line between how you engage with customers and the effect on your organization’s bottom line. In fact, just 17% of marketing agencies say that they can provide an accurate read on social ROI. But even if proving the ROI of customer engagement isn’t simple, it’s possible.

You know your team’s social media activities add brand value, and in this tipsheet you’ll learn ways to demonstrate the value of customer engagement to your organization as a whole, including:

  • Why you should forget about vanity metrics and focus on effectively communicating brand values: The number of followers your brand has and the number of impressions your brand makes on social both matter less than ensuring that your brand’s content effectively explains who you are. Brand lift studies and surveys verifying that your content effectively reflects your brand’s values demonstrate the importance of your customer engagement efforts better than follower counts.
  • How to turn negatives into positives: Negative sentiment from NPS and social media comments can, perhaps surprisingly, help prove the value of your brand’s social customer engagement efforts by demonstrating how your brand is perceived in the world. Even if it’s uncomfortable to look at, there’s value to be had in that information, especially if you are able to effectively address the negative feedback and make changes that benefit your customers.

Learn other important tips when you download the Proving the ROI of Customer Engagement tipsheet.