Contact center as a service: Why it must be digital-first

Learn why a digital-first CCaaS solution is the best way to reduce agent attrition, deliver better experiences, and increase efficiency in your contact center.

Why you need a digital-first contact center as a service (CCaaS)

The contact center has always been important for your business, but the way you’re running it might be outdated — and this on-demand webinar will tell you why. In the webinar, Khoros Associate Director of Product Marketing and contact center expert Lisa Hotchkiss covers why choosing a digital-first CCaaS solution is critical for the future of your contact center and your business.

What is contact center as a service?

CCaaS — also known as contact center as a service — refers to cloud-based software that unifies the agent and customer experiences across channels. All CCaaS providers will claim that their solution can save you time, improve your agility, and reduce costs, but not all CCaaS solutions are created equally. Some also provide built-in AI, automation, and analytics, while others only provide those features through complex integrations with third-party vendors.

Choosing the right CCaaS is a big decision. One of the main things you should consider is how it will support your contact center needs in the future — a future that becomes more digital with every passing day. As more and more consumers abandon voice and opt for digital communication with brands, a digital-first contact center is no longer optional. Brands must be able to provide that experience or they will fall behind.

That’s why you need to choose a CCaaS that is designed for digital.

In this webinar, Hotchkiss reviews the top three challenges contact centers face today and will face tomorrow, and how only a digital contact center can address them.

1. Reducing agent attrition

Agent attrition is a big problem in today’s contact center, just as the great resignation is a problem in nearly every industry. That’s why 70% of contact center leaders cite agent well-being and engagement as their number one focus. Yet despite this focus, agent attrition remains at an all-time high.

So what can companies do? Invest in a digital-first contact center. This sort of solution won’t guarantee that agents will stay (nothing can do that), but it will make their job easier with a variety of digital advantages:

  • Flexibility to work from anywhere

  • Easy, just-in-time access to information

  • Consolidated agent desktop

  • Automated tasks and workflows

  • AI-powered assistance and guidance

2. Delivering better experiences

Digital customer experience is a main focus for most brands in 2022, regardless of what industry they’re in, and the pandemic has only accelerated this trend. That’s because CX is one of the main differentiators that customers use to choose a brand. In fact, 90% of customers evaluate brands based on the quality of their digital offerings.

Once again, a digital contact center can help you provide the faster, more convenient experience customers are looking for. Here’s how:

  • Integration with social media and third-party messaging channels

  • Support for synchronous and asynchronous interactions

  • Seamless experiences

  • Contact prioritization and queue management

3. Increasing efficiency

Efficiency is the name of the game in the digital contact center. The more efficient you are, the happier your agents, customers, and leadership will be. One of the best ways to increase efficiency is to provide self-service options — ways for customers to answer their own questions before even contacting the brand. This doesn’t just increase efficiency; it actually makes them happier. 49% of customer transactions are expected to start with self-service by the end of 2022.

Only a digital-first contact center can empower you to maximize the benefits of AI-powered assistance, self-service, and analytics.

  • 24/7 access to knowledge and peers

  • Curated knowledge for agents

  • Easy, always-on self-service

  • Proactive reminders

  • Automated interactions and tasks

  • Agent assistance and guidance

  • Aggregated data sources

  • Actionable, data-driven insights

The bottom line? A digital contact center is no longer optional for customer care organizations. It’s essential to your ability to deliver the experiences your customers and agents expect, and the results your business demands. To learn more about how a digital contact center can help you thrive in a digital world, listen to the full webinar today.