Omnichannel Fails Tipsheet

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Overcome omnichannel challenges and learn how to get it right

Today, brands are heavily investing in a digital transformation to establish an omnichannel presence across an increasing number of channels. To expand their customer service capabilities, many brands have utilized automation. However, customer satisfaction isn’t scaling with the investment brands are making. 

To overcome common omnichannel challenges and avoid failures across the customer journey, we’ve created this easy-to-follow tipsheet. Check it out to understand where brands go wrong, and learn how to set your omnichannel strategy up for success.

Why Omnichannel Customer Service Is Becoming Increasingly Challenging

Twenty years ago, a brand’s omnichannel customer service strategy may have consisted of in-person and phone support. Today, the average brand offers customer service across at least eight channels including websites, chatbots, social media, community forums, etc… 

As the number of channels has increased and will continue to do so, executing a successful omnichannel strategy has become more complex. Many brands have turned to automation to save costs and scale their presence, but doing so can sometimes negatively impact customer satisfaction if it’s not implemented correctly. To avoid omnichannel fails, brands need to be aware of common challenges from the start and implement a solution designed to overcome them.

Whether you’re getting ready to ramp up your omnichannel presence, or revamp your existing strategy — download our tipsheet to get helpful insights about omnichannel fails and how you can avoid them to improve customer satisfaction. 

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