Editor's Note: This post was originally created by Lithium before the Spredfast + Lithium (now Khoros) merger.

Creating a digital customer experience in a virtual world is a proven tactic to building and fostering a sustainable relationship with your customers.

Your brand's value is built on the trust of your customers, and that trust reflects in their behavior when interacting in online and offline networks.

In the modern world, you're not only competing in your sector or industry. You're competing on customer experience. Expectations are set by the consumer, and the bar is set to their best experience yet.

It’s a tough game to get right. Every piece needs to align to create a web of trust that translates into the customer trusting your brand. But with so many variables, what can you do to improve trust? One way is to pull customers into a customer community and tap into their shared interests.

Download this report and answer the following questions:

  • Why is trust essential to your business?
  • How can you define and foster trust as a brand?
  • What are the consequences in today's world of broken consumer trust?
  • How do you mitigate a consumer issue and rebuild that consumer-brand relationship?

“66% of consumers claim that positive experiences with any brand set expectations for experiences with all brands.”

— Forrester Consulting

Creating Customer Communities to Build Trust

Trust is all about the relationships created. Bringing human interaction into a virtual relationship allows for the opportunity to be authentic and interactive—both as a company and as a consumer. Learn about some of the important ways communities foster consumer trust.


Customers are wonderful innovators and will be quite vocal about telling you everything you need to know to make and keep them happy. Engage them in discussion, and they will guide your brand to the experiences they need to trust you.


Communities provide an opportunity for you to reward your customers for contributing and providing feedback to your brand. Gamification is a win-win situation, with increased response from your customer base as they rank up in influence.

Trusted Content

Community members generate content for you, which is more trusted than anything you could possibly produce. With an online community, your customers are gaining knowledge and insight, advice and best practices from those who they are more prone to listen to: other customers.

“54% of customers report that at least half the value they get from a brand is from the overall end-to-end experience.”

— Kelton Research