Prachi Gore S2 Ep 10

CX Confessions | Episode 10


Why consistency is critical in CX

How do you tie your customer experience back to your business outcomes? Join us this week as Prachi Gore, VP of Marketing at Checkr, explains how creating value for customers through authentic communication ties directly into effective CX and ultimately business growth.

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Here's what we talked about:

In this episode of CX Confessions: The Customer Experience Show, host Staci Satterwhite, COO at Khoros, and guest host Natanya Anderson, General Manager, Strategic Services at Khoros, sit down with Prachi Gore, the VP of Marketing at Checkr Inc., a platform that uses AI to make background screening more efficient, speed up the hiring process, and drive revenue. As an accomplished marketing leader with a passion for innovation, strong team building skills, and consistent high performance, Prachi has plenty of wisdom to share about optimizing outcomes through excellent CX practices.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why creating value for customers should be the number one priority for any business

  • How to tie effective CX directly back to business outcomes

  • Why a lack of collaboration between sales and marketing teams is the number one reason go-to-market strategies are ineffective

  • How buying power is more distributed among enterprises today, which changes customers’ expectations

  • Why prioritizing real and authentic communication with customers is critical

    Prachi Gore S2 Ep 10

    Meet Prachi, 

    VP of Marketing at Checkr

    Prachi Gore is an accomplished marketing leader with a passion for innovation, strong team building skills and consistent high performance. She has over 15 years of experience in marketing and consulting, driving demand generation, brand adoption and growth. Additionally, Prachi has a proven track record in delivering high impact campaigns while driving operational efficiency and increasing ROI. Her specialties include:

    • Global web and social marketing

    • Marketing operations/ Email marketing

    • Lead generation and online marketing

    • Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM)

    • Global product and campaign launches

    • Trademarks and brand management

    • Customer insights

    • Team building and management

    What I’ve learned honestly is that creating value for your customers should be the number one priority for any business because if that is not the case, no matter what marketing you do and demand gen you do and whatever you do, it’s not long term, it's not going to sustain your business…the customer value should be your number one priority.

    — Prachi Gore

    So many buyers that we interface with today don’t want to be sold to—they want to be educated. They want to know more. They want to learn. They want to have an exchange. They want innovation, thought leadership. They want all of that.

    — Prachi Gore

    Customer relationships cannot be fake, just like any other relationship you have, and so inauthentic ones just won't work. I would say bring authenticity into everything you do: your marketing, all customer exchanges, and have their best interest at the center of whatever it is that you're doing and communicate that clearly and transparently.

    — Prachi Gore

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