Modern, asynchronous
chat software for
your website

Chats end when you’ve taken care of the customer, not when the session times out. Made more powerful with automation to take care of the most routine interactions.

Chat with customers in real-time or anytime on your website

  • Better customer experience: to engage in conversations, not sessions. Chats end when you’ve taken care of the customer, not when the session times out.
  • Cost savings through agent efficiency: Equip agents and managers with unmatched out-of-the-box productivity and operational metrics
  • Easy to configure: rules to adjust throttling and changing business conditions without IT.
  • AI-powered automation: to offer customer-facing chatbots and agent-facing automation that resolve inquiries faster and more accurately.
  • Modern metrics: to measure agent performance and customer experience around conversations — not sessions — and manage workforce utilization for real-time staffing decisions.


“Khoros’ platforms are adaptable for Midco’s changing needs, and have allowed us to use Khoros as a one-platform solution for all our digital needs.”

— Customer Care Manager, Midco

  • 0%
    increase in call deflection since implementing 73% Apple Messages for Business
  • 0%
    reduction of click-to-call 1-800 number

Products used: Modern Chat, Messaging, Chatbot, Social Care

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Features of Modern Chat on Khoros Care

  • Ai

    AI-powered automation

    Welcome, triage, and automate top volume drivers for self-service with Khoros Bot. Or bring your own bot to orchestrate automation for your business with our open automation APIs.

  • Asynchronous

    Asynchronous communication

    Increase the number of concurrent conversations agents can handle in real-time or anytime.

  • Engagement

    Unified engagement platform

    Handle chats and messages from channels like WhatsApp and Instagram on a single dashboard

  • Workflow

    Advanced workflows

    Automatically filter, tag, prioritize, and route to the most appropriate work queue or agent for prompt resolution.

  • Analytics

    Operational analytics

    Plan and forecast better with live workforce utilization, improve agent performance and capture customer experience metrics.

  • Persistant conversation

    Persistent conversations across devices and time

    Never lose context in a customer messaging interaction, and ensure customers can re-engage whenever—and on whatever device—is most convenient.

  • Customer profile

    Holistic customer profile

    Respond with more context by using the most complete customer profile that contains information across channels, your CRM system, tags, and internal notes across

  • Alerts

    Notifications & Alerts

    Receive email, desktop, and mobile alerts so you can adjust staffing and priorities on the fly.


“Khoros allows Midco the opportunity to present the channel that is best for the user, and on the device, they’re using at the time.”

— Web Applications Manager, Midco

  • 0%
    increase in call deflection since implementing Apple Messages for Business
  • 0.6X
    increase in CSAT survey completion rate, with improved scores

Products used: Messaging, Modern Chat, Chatbot, Social Care

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