Why your customers hate your chat:
And how to fix it

We conducted a survey of over 1,000 customers and gathered insights on why live chat doesn't live up to customer expectations. Inside, we explore the top issues customers have with traditional, synchronous online chat solutions and uncover the impact a more modern chat solution may have on consumers’ brand preferences and loyalty. The results of the research indicate that customers today prefer solutions to be able to follow them across multiple platforms — and even devices — without having to restart their conversation. Khoros’ customer care experts highlight statistics that demonstrate the value of modern chat compared to traditional chat solutions — especially in a time of changing consumer expectations and preferences.

The ebook, written for customer care teams and managers who want to streamline and improve customer service with the most modern systems available, also covers how to meet and even exceed lofty customer expectations with simple, easy-to-use solutions that maximize agent efficiency.

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