Top social media channels for customer service in 2024

Khoros staff

Traditionally, social media was the exclusive domain of marketing departments. That paradigm is shifting in today's digital-first customer service landscape, as social media has become a crucial part of many brands’ customer service strategies.

Customer service on social media is unique — it can manifest in various forms, from direct messages (DMs) seeking a private resolution to public posts that call for brand accountability. Customers also have high expectations of brands to respond on social media. According to our survey, customers expect to hear back within three hours of reaching out.

With the rise in customer expectations on social media, marketing teams are harnessing the expertise of customer service agents to manage interactions. Brands are integrating chatbots, automating responses, and strategically deploying resources to social media as it becomes a critical component of their customer service strategy.

This blog explores how social media customer service benefits brands and the top social media platforms reshaping how brands approach customer service.

How does social media customer service benefit a brand?

Including social media channels in a customer service strategy does not just benefit customers; it also has a lot of benefits for brands, including:

  • Saving money: Utilizing social media for customer service can be more cost-effective than traditional methods. Handling inquiries through social media often requires fewer resources than phone or in-person support channels. This can significantly reduce overhead costs and enable customer service representatives to manage multiple issues simultaneously.

  • Deflecting calls: By providing a direct and accessible avenue for customer queries on social media, brands can reduce the volume of inbound calls. This helps manage the customer support load and frees agents to handle more complex queries requiring direct interaction.

  • Driving efficiency: Social media platforms can enhance customer service efficiency by speeding up response times and allowing for real-time engagement.

Now, let’s look at the top social media channels used for customer service in 2024.

Top social media channels used for customer service in 2024


facebook logo

According to Statistica, Facebook, now 20 years old, is the most popular social media platform in the world. With such a large audience that spans generations, it’s a great place for brands to engage and connect with audiences. In fact, as of January 2024, over 200 Million brands use Facebook to connect with customers.


  • 3B users worldwide

Top benefits

  • Increases efficiency

  • Easy to find

  • Conversational marketing

Key features:

  • Supports chatbots for automated messages

  • Proactive notifications

  • Quick replies and rich media

  • Sponsored messages

  • Appointment booking

  • In-chat payments (in regions where supported)

Unique entry points

  • Facebook page and ads

  • Facebook shops

  • Messenger codes

  • Messenger ads

  • Embeddable on a website


Instagram logo

Instagram continues to be popular with users aged 25-34. As of 2023, 30% of Instagram users who contact brands on social media reach out primarily for answers to questions. Users can instantly reach brands by DMing, commenting on a post, or creating a story or post that mentions the brand. Instagram also enables brands to use visuals when communicating with customers.


  • 2B users worldwide

Top benefits

  • Increases efficiency

  • Easy to find

  • Real-time conversations

Key features:

  • Supports chatbots for automated messages

  • Quick replies and rich media

  • Direct messages and group chats

  • Story replies

  • Voice messages and video calls

Unique entry points

  • Instagram ads

  • Instagram shops

  • Instagram stories

X (Formerly Twitter)

Twitter logo

Despite the recent changes and rising costs in APIs, X is an ideal channel for customers to reach brands because it’s fast-paced, public, and built for interaction. Customers can reach brands by leaving a comment, sending a DM, or mentioning the brand in a tweet. At present, the majority of users are 18-34.


  • 368M users worldwide

Top benefits

  • Deflects calls

  • Opportunity for proactive customer service

  • Humanizes the brand

Key features

  • Quick replies

  • Proactive notifications

  • Real-time conversations

Unique entry points

  • Advertising


Linkedin logo

LinkedIn is another touchpoint for customers to easily contact a brand through a private message, comments, or a public post. Though brands don’t typically see the same volume of social care interactions on LinkedIn as previously mentioned channels, in 2023, 48% of B2B marketers said they thought LinkedIn was the most important social media network.


  • 900M users worldwide

Top benefits

  • Humanizes brand

  • Easy to find

  • Showcases brand reputation

Key features

  • LinkedIn Pages

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • Sales Navigator

  • LinkedIn Live

  • Events

Unique entry points

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • Thought leadership content


Reddit logo

Reddit is a network of over 100,000 communities where people can dive into anything through experiences built around niche interests, hobbies, and passions. Reddit offers brands a wide range of opportunities to connect with potential customers, gather valuable insights, and create loyal communities.


  • 52M daily users worldwide

Top benefits

  • Connect with potential customers

  • Gather valuable insights

  • Create loyal community

  • Social proof

Key features

  • Content rating

  • Discussion forums

  • Ask me anything

  • Polls

Unique entry points

  • Advertising

  • Hosting AMAs (ask me anything)

  • Subreddit Sponsorships


Yelp logo

Yelp is one of the top 10 most used social networks in the United States. Maintaining an active and positive presence on Yelp can be a good way for brands to display their value to future customers.


  • 60M monthly users worldwide

Top benefits

  • Brand visibility

  • SEO optimization

  • Social proof

Key features

  • Business Page

  • Brand review

  • Reservations

  • Waitlists

  • Customizable CTA button

Unique entry points

  • Advertising

  • Brand profile

Emerging social media platforms to keep an eye on


tiktok logo

TikTok is a platform mainly used to discover entertainment and community based on interests; however, people have started using it to publicly challenge and hold companies accountable. Users directly call out brands on TikTok, with others rallying together, tagging the brand in comments to demand a response. Because of this, it’s an important channel for brands to keep an eye on to protect their reputation.


Discord logo

Originally popular among gamers, Discord has expanded into a broad community platform with dedicated servers and channels for various interests. Brands can set up their servers to offer real-time support through both text and voice channels, creating a direct line of communication with their customers. This setup is ideal for gathering feedback, conducting community-driven product development, and fostering a strong brand community.



As a decentralized social media network, Mastodon offers a unique opportunity for brands to engage in more intimate, interest-based communities ("instances"). Each instance can be tailored around specific topics, allowing brands to target audiences with precision.

Mastodon reportedly has 1.4 million monthly active users, who join Instances to post short updates, contribute to conversations, and share videos and images.

Hive Social


Combining MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter elements, Hive Social appeals to users with its nostalgic features like chronological feeds and customizable profiles.

Hive Social had a great year in 2022, gaining over 2 million users. Users can join groups and form communities easily and quickly within the app.

Brands can use Hive Social to create a more personalized engagement experience. Chronological updates ensure that content reaches followers in real time.

Managing customer relationships on social media

Companies that harness the power of social media platforms for customer service can significantly enhance their efficiency and reduce costs. However, not all platforms are suitable for every brand, so it is crucial to identify which channels align best with the brand’s audience and operational capabilities.

Ultimately, the success of social media customer service hinges on a brand’s ability to be proactive, responsive, and genuinely engaging, ensuring that every customer interaction adds value and builds on the brand’s reputation. As social media continues to evolve, so must the strategies companies use to manage customer relationships effectively, ensuring they stay at the forefront of digital customer engagement.

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