Mastering global content strategy: Insights from Target, SAP Concur, and GM

Khoros staff

Introduction: The importance of enterprise content strategy

Seamless content management and planning are crucial to ensure a consistent brand image, particularly for enterprise-level companies delivering top-tier content to vast audiences across many platforms, brands, and regions. This underscores the need for enterprise marketing strategies to assertively uphold a unified brand presence, meticulously orchestrating their approaches with precision tools and tactics.

Learn to refine your marketing strategy by examining how three leading brands — General Motors (GM), SAP Concur, and Target — took their global content planning to new heights.

SAP Concur

SAP Concur’s marketing team creates multiformat, high-quality social media content for its regional teams across 17 markets. However, despite producing content two months before publishing, SAP Concur’s corporate team lacked visibility into most produced content until after it was live.

The solution: Streamlined collaboration and content re-purposing

SAP Concur selected Opal as its tool for working on content at scale, streamlining the review and approval process for approximately 375 social assets each month.

As part of this transformation, SAP Concur used Opal’s Boards functionality to build a Board for each of its 17 markets, providing a single content collaboration space for regional teams. Instead of spending excessive time chatting and emailing about content-related comments, teams could find all content and feedback on their Opal Boards.

Opal’s tagging system also enabled teams to automatically generate URL tracking, which helped analyze content performance with analytical tools. This feature helped identify which content converted best and could be easily run across markets. Consequently, 50% of all content put into production by SAP Concur is repurposed from past work.

The results: Time saved, reduced clutter, and total visibility

With Opal, the SAP Concur marketing teams spend around 30% less time producing monthly regional content. In addition, each piece of content is reviewed and approved by local teams and scheduled for publishing, reducing clutter. Stakeholders can now easily see when their posts are going live, and leaders can keep track of SAP Concur’s entire social media presence at once, achieving better cross-team communication and visibility. 

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The social media guide for enterprise business


Target’s vast content production team comprises an in-house media agency, brand marketing, recruitment, communications, and external agency partners. Together, these teams produced around 300 pieces of content daily, so Target required a tool to maintain visibility and cohesion across the board.

The solution: Categories, labels, and more ––– all in one place

Target selected Opal as its content planning tool, adopting a single view for planning organic and paid social content across product categories. Specifically, Opal’s nested labels functionality and dynamic presentation creator helped share campaign assets and activities with leadership. Additionally, Opal easily integrates with other platforms like Khoros, making it easier to approve and publish content in a single workflow.

The results: A more cohesive Target on social

According to Kelsey Dahlager, Senior Manager of Social Evolution at Target, adopting Opal “leads to a more cohesive Target on social.” Target can now plan its social media content strategically across various teams, allowing for real-time collaboration and alignment with its central marketing strategy and ensuring that each piece of content reflects the brand’s voice.

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General Motors

General Motors’ Social Media Center of Expertise (CoE) keeps social media efforts aligned with brand identity with the help of 800 users across seven regions and nine General Motors brands. But to do so, they needed the right tech stack.

The solution: Khoros + Opal

General Motors’ CoE required technology that could flexibly and scalably consolidate its global user base’s efforts. Based on these requirements, the CoE thoroughly reviewed more than 20 potential vendors, utilizing input from all involved regions and brands from day one.

Ultimately, they selected Khoros as the best fit to support their content strategy alongside our integration partner Opal, the latter complementing our social publishing and response platform with the following content planning capabilities:

  • Visual editorial calendars

  • Pixel-perfect social previews

  • Easy feedback and approval workflows

  • Free-form campaign planning spaces

The results: Rapid onboarding and adoption

Within less than 30 days, the CoE’s 800 users were onboarded to Khoros and Opal, achieving an 80% active adoption rate.

General Motors is now better positioned to create a first-class social media experience for its customers and scale this effort, continuing to refine its marketing strategy to reach a wider audience more effectively.

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Conclusion: Global content strategy made easy

Target, SAP Concur, and General Motors deliver powerful examples of how the right technology tools can facilitate seamless content management and planning globally to maintain a strong and consistent brand presence at the enterprise scale. 

Our guide here teaches you to take your marketing strategy to the next level with the most up-to-date tactics and toolkit.

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