Khoros wins TrustRadius Tech Cares Award

Jackson Kushner

We’re excited and honored to announce that we’ve been selected as a 2020 Tech Cares Award winner by TrustRadius!

What it takes to win a Tech Cares Award

The Tech Cares Award is for companies that have helped others — brands, people, and communities — during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to TrustRadius, to win the Tech Cares Award in 2020, a company must have “acted selflessly and in support of their customers through the pandemic. This frequently included offering new capabilities or expertise at steep discounts, or even for free, during the pandemic.”

We are, of course, thrilled that our customers and partners think so highly of us. Here are a few of our highlights from 2020.

How we’ve cared in 2020

One of the most difficult aspects of 2020 for enterprise companies was figuring out ways to support customers through the COVID-19 pandemic. As lockdowns progressed and brick-and-mortar locations closed their doors, customer support volumes increased dramatically, especially in particular industries — travel, healthcare, and more. Brands often struggled to keep up, but Khoros customers often fared better than most.

Khoros focuses not just on creating leading technological solutions, but on helping brands build strong digital relationships. As brands looked to accelerate their digital transformation plans and re-strategize how to connect with their customers online, Khoros stepped up to help them continue their business through the pandemic.

Each of our three solutions played an important role for brands during the pandemic. Let’s take a brief look at each one.

Khoros Marketing provided social listening and content planning for social media teams

For brands, listening to customers and broader social conversations about markets, cultural topics and worldly news was — and remains — essential. Khoros offered brands free access to its social listening platform, Intelligence. This helped them support social marketing, care, and online community teams with historical and live data to communicate and share content that resonates with their most important followers — their customers.

AAA, for example, used Khoros Marketing to pivot their social media strategy when COVID-19 hit. They used the Khoros Marketing Content Center as a hub for sharing relevant, helpful content — not just sales pitches. By focusing on content to inspire members when travel is once again possible, they managed to increase reach by 113%, impressions by 140%, and engagement by 164%. This success earned them a nomination in our Best in Class: Marketing award category.

Khoros Care supported customer service teams with AI and advanced workflows

During the pandemic, Khoros Care helped customer service teams at dozens of brands handle over 2.5 million daily customer service messages. And by combining easy-to-train and easy-to-use UI with our product coaching and strategic services, we helped brands increase customer service team efficiency by over 30% and improve agent retention by 50%.

Some of the most heavily impacted industries (retail, airlines, high tech, banking, and telecom) relied on Khoros Care’s advanced features — including automation capabilities with intelligent routing, rules, and prioritization — to manage the increases in customer inquiries and staffing and labor shortages. USPS’ goals are brand protection, crisis mitigation, and enhanced customer experience.

Telus, a world-leading communications and information technology company, is an excellent case study for how Khoros Care can help a brand manage a customer service crisis. When COVID-19 forced them to shut down their main contact center, they used Khoros Care to manage an enormous spike in inquiries on social media. Their performance nabbed them a nomination in our Best in Class: Care category.

Khoros Care

Khoros Communities helped brands manage inquiry volumes and scale support

Khoros Communities have been just as valuable for brands during COVID-19. An online community is one of the most effective ways for brands to divert customer inquiries away from contact centers and scale in a way that traditional customer care systems cannot. During the pandemic, the Khoros Communities’ solution experienced a 47% increase in overall online community visits and a 31% increase in new registrations, indicating a clear demand for connection between customers.

Khoros Communities helped so many brands during COVID-19 that it’s hard to pick just one example, but one of the most impressive is Intuit, the maker of TurboTax. In what was, to say the least, a frustrating tax season, the Intuit online community connected members with invaluable information and resources, all while helping to handle a significant increase in customer support inquiries. This performance was enough to secure Intuit a nomination in our Keep Calm & Carry On category.

Khoros Communities

Most importantly, thank you.

We’re proud to win this award, but we’re even more proud to serve our incredible customers as they support theirs during this — okay, we’ll say it just this once — unprecedented time. We highlighted just three examples here, but dozens of our customers have used Khoros solutions to weather blow after blow in 2019, and we couldn’t be happier to stand with them.

So, we want to extend a huge thank you to all our customers. We continue to be impressed and amazed by how much you have cared during 2020, so this award is for you too!

You can read more about how our clients have used Khoros during the pandemic in the full list of Khoros Kudos submissions here.

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