5 New Khoros Care Features You Won’t Want to Miss

Dave Evans & Phil Garbrecht

We’re excited to announce significant new enhancements to our industry-leading digital customer support solution Khoros Care. As of July 11, 2019, all Khoros Care customers will have access to branded in-app messaging, automation framework, and agent activity metrics — all included with your current Care subscription. In addition, Khoros Care now supports Apple Messages for Business and WhatsApp for businesses interested in leveraging these channels in their customer care workflow.

Khoros Care

Khoros Care customers can leverage these new features to add immediate value:

  • Branded in-app messaging offers your customers a contemporary messaging experience within your existing, brand-owned mobile app.
  • An enhanced universal automation capability enables you to fully leverage the promise and power of AI, offloading repetitive or routine tasks to keep agents focused on providing the customer experience your brand is known for.
  • Industry-leading agent activity metrics provide a powerful new set of measurements designed to properly account for agent performance so that you can run your digital engagement team with the same efficiency and utilization metrics as your call center.
  • Apple Messages for Business and WhatsApp integration options allow your brand to use consumers' preferred method of communication — texting — and shift volume away from phone support.

Read on for a detailed look at how each of these innovations help your brand to deliver better, more efficient customer care than ever before — and reap the savings and customer satisfaction that come with it.

Branded In-App Messaging

Khoros Brand Messenger provides the tools you need to build contemporary messaging into your branded mobile app. Khoros provides a software development kit (SDK) for both IOS and Android so that you can quickly build mobile messaging into app messaging that flows through Khoros Care’s unified workflow console just like any other messaging.

Branded in-app messaging means your business can participate directly in messaging, the most exciting new development in customer care. And, you can do it in a channel that you own and control: your own branded messenger, built right into your mobile app. With help from our technical and professional services teams, you’ll be up and running quickly.

Automation Framework

The Khoros Automation Framework is an agnostic service that supports integration of any bot or AI-assisted robotic process into the Khoros Care workflow. This framework offers you a no-compromises path to automation: It’s an incredibly feature-rich application programming interface (API) integration that extends well beyond simple chatbots, allowing you to connect any automation into the Khoros Care Platform. Get ready for summer: Bring your own bot.

Agent Activity Metrics

The Khoros Summer Innovation Release also includes our patent-pending Agent Activity Metrics, a fully redesigned and industry-leading set of metrics illuminating social media/digital agent utilization and efficiency by providing the data you need to drive your workforce management and staff-planning tools.

Khoros Agent Activity Metrics was developed with direct input from many of our largest customers — customers who needed real-time, granular data to drive dynamic staff-planning models — to provide insights into agent efficiency and utilization and to help prepare and scale up as digital engagement teams grow from 10 to 50 to 500 to more than 1,000 agents. Agent Activity Metrics provides the insights you need to grow and deliver on your cost and satisfaction-centric business objectives.

Apple Messages for Business and WhatsApp

Last but not least, the Khoros Summer Innovation Release also includes support for Apple Messages for Business along with the world’s leading messaging service — WhatsApp. Both flow through the Khoros Care unified social media and messaging platform, so setup and use by agents are straightforward. “What about re-training?” you may be asking. Because both of these follow the workflow you’ve already established, there is no re-training. How’s that for easy implementation and cost-control?

Want to learn more?

To get going with these new enhancements, simply connect with your account executive. They’ll be happy to discuss what Apple Messages for Business, WhatsApp, Agent Activity Metrics, Automation Framework, and our In-app messaging SDK can do for your brand. And if you’re not currently a Khoros Care customer, request a demo here.

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