Optimize the customer journey by really listening to your customers

Bring all your customer interactions together with a CX platform that uses Natural Language Processing to uncover what your customers are already telling you across every channel and differentiate your brand through exceptional customer experiences.

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Customer experience

Is your brand measuring the customer experience, or just customer feedback?

Managing CX means identifying and quantifying friction points in the customer journey, determining the root causes of those friction points, and resolving the problems at their origins. That’s a tall order. 

  • Those friction points can occur anywhere in the customer lifecycle —marketing, purchase process, shipping & logistics, product or service issues, returns & exchanges, billing, online user experience, and more.

“Khoros delivers incredibly useful social media analytics, and we're able to easily pull them into our wider reporting system that links data from all Sony Europe departments.”

— Olivier Raeymakers, Sr Officer Online Customer Touchpoints, Sony Europe

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Your customers are giving you rich, actionable feedback thousands of times a day – and you don’t even have to ask for it. 

Just stop by your contact center to listen to a few calls or read a few chats and emails. If you do, you’ll immediately know how each customer feels about your company, your products and your support functions. 

More importantly you’ll know the specific product for which the customer is contacting you, the exact problem, how the problem occurred, the requested resolution, the actual resolution, and more.

“The greatest challenge that Khoros solves is being able to listen to our customers across channels and all in one place. So all our teams have access to the same insights — this saves us time and gives us a better view of customer needs.”

— Anastasia Zdoroviak, Customer Experience Strategy, DoorDash

Doordash case study
Cx analytics

CX analytics across phone, chat, email, social media, & surveys

Phone calls and, increasingly, chat represent the bulk of customer interactions for most companies, but businesses now provide at least 3-4 different options to their customers for communication, with some offering as many as 10. That’s a lot of complexity to manage, but the data from each of those channels has a specific value for a company.

Aggregate customer interactions, normalize and classify data, and surface friction points

Once friction points are identified, you can proactively work to ease them at the source, thereby reducing contact volume.

  • Leverage themes, trends, and patterns surfaced by a omni-channel analytics platform to optimize the customers’ journey and even identify potential enhancements
  • Use 360-degree customer intelligence to optimize service, marketing, and product performance
Customer interactions

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