4 solutions for customer care in the finance industry

The four biggest challenges for contact centers in the financial services industry

By working with some of the best brands in financial services, as well as through extensive research, we’ve identified four of the most significant challenges facing financial institutions — at least when it comes to customer care. What can be particularly frustrating about these roadblocks is that they’re not unique to the industry; any brand that has to care for customers must face the same issues. But given the intense competition, heightened security concerns, spiking inquiry volumes, and lack of actionable customer care data that characterize financial services, these challenges are heightened.

Even for regional and national financial institutions, the challenges associated with running a call center or a contact center (especially in the wake of COVID-19) can cause them to simply give up. But as we’ll see in the ebook, poor customer service often leads to poor customer satisfaction; this can impact important business outcomes and even cause customer churn. It’s vitally important that these businesses follow the lead of other industries and provide excellent customer service.

Financial services can use AI and machine learning to their advantage, even in customer service

Banks, credit card companies, credit unions, and other financial institutions are well aware of the benefits of AI and machine learning — they have been for a long time. Yet many don’t extend this insight to their contact centers. Digital-first customer care solutions, including asynchronous chat, multi-channel interfaces, and more, can save valuable time and resources for contact centers. These solutions have proven ROI in the industry, and they are trusted by some of the top brands in the world — both in financial services and elsewhere.

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It’s time that the finance industry catches up to the digital transformation of customer care. This ebook is an excellent way for financial institutions of any size to learn how — and why — to get started.

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