Conversations, not clicks

How to drive better, more productive conversations in the customer journey

Implementing the Best of Customer Care

Consumers’ shopping behaviors are changing and messaging is becoming the new frontier for brands to connect with their customers. The statistics on customer engagement tell a convincing story:

Conversations, not clicks
(1) Facebook IQ 2018 (1) Facebook Harris Poll 2020

If you’re not using Facebook Messenger to connect with your customers, you could be missing out on important opportunities to build relationships and enhance the customer journey.

We’ve compiled tips for building conversations into your digital strategy from our recent webinar.

Customer care is the way that brands ensure success and satisfaction with their products and services. While traditionally customer care meant customer support or customer service — it is increasingly no longer siloed to the end of the customer journey. Instead, care expectations begin upfront with how your brand demonstrates that you value purpose over profit, and it continues with how you deliver on the product roadmap, how you talk about customer success, and how you deliver on the promises you make.

Customer care needs to be integrated into every business decision and strategy. Today’s brands are defined by how they deliver on customer care, which is an important opportunity: After having a positive experience with a company, 77% of customers would recommend it to a friend. Brands that get care right build their customer base and they build brand loyalty.

1. Help potential customers find your brand

Offer multiple entry points to Messenger, from your Facebook profile to social media posts, making it easy and convenient for your customers to message you to learn more about your products and services. Ads are especially effective in driving the conversation. Replace a “Learn More” CTA with “Send us a Message” and insert your customers and prospects directly into the Messaging channel.

2. Make purchasing as convenient as possible

Make sure your messaging funnel is set up for success and build the infrastructure to deliver personalized conversations for your customers. They should be able to ask questions, follow a path, and ultimately process payment, all within the same conversation, no matter which channel they prefer to use. This requires automation and integrations into your shopping cart.

3. Give customers the service they deserve

Don’t stop with the purchase. Allow your customers to contact customer support via messaging, then use your automation and bots to answer common questions and provide escalation to human agents when necessary. It’s convenient for customers and you’re still deflecting calls and saving time for customer service agents.

4. Turn loyal customers into brand advocates

Use Facebook Messenger to build advocates and retain customers. Notifications allow you to bring them back into the conversation and offer opportunities to further engage with surveys, updates, and promotions. In many cases, like with Facebook Messenger, your customers have already accepted permissions for account-based communication, making it easier to reach them.

Conversations, not clicks: How bots and messaging drive revenue

The world’s top brands now recognize the power of conversational commerce, which uses digital messaging and AI-powered chat and bots to drive deeper, more meaningful conversations.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about how to take advantage for your brand.