4 brands who drive real value with their online communities

Learn how VISA, HP, Sony Europe, and Telstra leverage the power of Khoros Communities to create lasting value.

5 brands who drive real value with their online communities

In this ebook, we cover winning strategies from four top brands who use Khoros Communities for customer engagement: Visa, HP, Sony Europe, and Telstra. Read the ebook today to learn the basics of how they found success.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we discuss in the ebook:

Customizing to boost engagement on online communities

Visa needed a way for external developers to connect more easily with their engineers to foster interaction, inspiration, and free exchange of ideas and information. That’s why they partnered with Khoros to build a brand community, the Visa Developer Platform. They put forums front and center, ensuring that developers knew Visa was there to support them. This helped Visa increase the number of users, interactions between users, and user satisfaction within the community.

Winning with modern, efficient, customer care

HP aims to create technology that makes life better for everyone in their global customer base and beyond — but, of course, a global audience has diverse needs. Khoros community strategists helped HP organize, document, and enrich their customer support knowledge base while giving customers a place to quickly find answers to their questions at any time, in multiple languages. The available content and the ease with which HP was able to authentically connect with customers allowed HP to gain deeper insights into their customer base, which led to improvements in overall product strategy and customer support.

Shining bright with user-generated content

Sony Europe, the UK division of the consumer electronics giant Sony Corporation, uses their Khoros community as a place for developers to connect and share ideas with one another. They also use it as a source of valuable user-generated content (UGC), helping them encourage, honor, and showcase their most loyal superusers. Sony Europe has found great success with their Khoros-powered community. They have more than seven million searches, nearly seven thousand posts, and 1,400 new topics per month.

Fostering peer-to-peer connection

Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications company, has connected more than 16 million mobile users with each other and the rest of the world. They use a Khoros community to connect their customers to peer-to-peer discussions about products and services. They also use the community for customer support, problem resolution, insight, crowdsourced innovations, and shared experiences at every digital touchpoint.

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