Khoros AI & ML

Scale with the best of AI and human intelligence

We have long been believers in the promise of AI and ML — and we continue to purposefully invest to see that promise realized. We’re pragmatic innovators focused on specific use cases for real problems modern enterprises face. We deliver trusted results that tie to business objectives and show both immediate and long-term value. 

Our core AI & ML principles:

1. Flexibility — our automation framework enables complete customization and third-party AI technology integration.

2. Transparency — we clearly and explicitly identify what technology uses AI or ML, to what extent, and what that means for brands.

3. Humanity — our AI & ML technologies enhance but don’t replace human intelligence. We never use AI or bots to handle tasks that require a human, and we always maintain a focus on minimizing frustration and creating authentic interactions.

Screenshot using khoros

Khoros delivers AI and human intelligence to help your brand build human connection at enterprise scale.


Here’s how we do it:

  • Suggested responses to enhance agent efficiency by automatically recommending the best reply, with machine learning to improve over time.

  • NLU-powered Intent detection for advanced tagging and routing that’s more intelligent and easier to maintain.

  • Listen to people talking to you and automatically determine sentiment based on text classification, then track how sentiment changes throughout the conversation.

  • Automatically determine the language to inform routing to the right team and enable translation technologies.

  • Automatically determine which customer engagements and inquiries are actionable based on past responses and outcomes.

  • Automatically filter noise and spam to focus on what matters.

  • Contain entire conversations and resolve inquiries with our NLU-powered Khoros Bot or partially automate tedious or predictable processes.

  • The best intelligence isn’t always artificial, which is why we have experts who know this space — and our technology — inside and out.

  • Automatically initiate proactive chat messages or trigger automated responses to inbound messages.

  • Seamlessly coordinate agents and any bot. With open APIs, Khoros offers failover protection and resolution reporting to improve bot performance.

  • Measure bot and automation performance with the same granularity as human agents.

  • Enable non-technical employees to easily build Chatbot solutions for more efficient customer service flows to connect people and knowledge more quickly.