Why choose Khoros vs. Sprout Social?

“We looked at a number of other social platforms while we evaluated Khoros, and we felt the service levels, user experience, platform stability, and cost were the best balance for our organization.”

— Head of Marketing Technology, Springer Nature

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When it comes to Sprout Social Alternatives,
Khoros is the clear winner

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What’s the difference between Khoros and Sprout Social?

The most important difference between Khoros and Sprout Social is that Khoros is scalable, and not just a starter solution. The Khoros platform is built to grow with enterprises, with deep analytics and reporting that go far beyond basic dashboards like the ones in the Sprout Social solution.

Khoros is a clear leader in social media management, and customers who switch from Sprout Social or SFDC see a clear difference.

Khoros is the enterprise solution

Sprout Social has a simple and intuitive UI, with a fast time to value — but with that speed, customers sacrifice crucial features and functionality. Khoros solutions offer a more complete tool which you can tailor to meet complex business needs, yet still implement in a matter of days. For an enterprise brand that values a thriving presence on social media, the choice is clear.

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Top reasons to choose Khoros over Sprout Social

If you’re looking for the best social media management solution available, Khoros is the software for you.

#1 Because you’ll get a strategic partner, not just a software company

  • Our customers have on-demand access to expertise and support via the Khoros Strategic Services, and we offer unique one-to-one product coaching complimentary for every customer to ensure your teams can get the most out of our best-in-class solutions
  • Khoros customer success managers are incentivized based on your satisfaction, not how much you spend. This means you have a partner with exactly the same goals as you: getting the most from your investment — no matter what you invest.
  • That’s why Khoros was the only vendor to score a 5 out of 5 for both services and support in the 2019 Forrester Wave: Social Suites, and why we ranked #1 out of 14 vendors for, “puts their clients’ interest first instead of their own” in the 2020 SoftwareReviews CX Index.

“Customer support is where Khoros most shines. Q&A sessions, coaching sessions, ticket support, etc. are all fantastic.”

 Digital Marketing (Social), Automobile Club of Southern California

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#2 Because you need a solution you can grow with, not just the basics

  • With other solutions, brands may often find they need to migrate when they outgrow the workflows, configurability, or scalability. But the Khoros platform is purpose-built to scale with you as your business grows and evolves. We’ll work with you to scale as you grow.
  • Designed to handle large volumes of data and complex workflows, the integrated platform is highly configurable to meet your needs. On top of this, we work with some of the world’s largest global brands and have dedicated support and services teams with the expertise needed to help solve your challenges in an ever-changing digital environment..

“Khoros provides a simple yet in-depth solution to manage and engage with followers, as well as share and moderate content.”

 Social Manager, AMD

#3 Because we cover every step of your customer’s journey, not just one piece

  • Point solutions like Sprout Social have some good features when it comes to planning social media posts and tracking performance, but the coverage stops there. With Khoros, you won’t just get best-in-class social media capabilities. You’ll also get an award-winning community, customer service, and analytics platform — all in one place.
  • A broader solution means fewer headaches for your staff and more efficient customer engagement across every digital channel, including voice.

Khoros’ platforms are adaptable for Midco’s changing needs, and have allowed us to use Khoros as a one-platform solution for all our digital needs.”

 Customer Care Manager, Midco

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#4 Because our customers have a predictable cost of ownership, without surprises

  • Khoros ranked #1 out of 14 vendors for “Providing product enhancements at no additional cost” (2020 SoftwareReviews CX Index)
  • Unlike a pay-as-you-go or consumption-based approach, our customers have a simple, predictable price for the term of their contract.
  • Complimentary product coaching when you need help, since needing a little support isn’t something you should be penalized for.

“Every other year, we evaluate social media monitoring, engagement, analytics, and display tools. Khoros consistently comes out on top for its strong products, great support, competent services team, and fair price point. I highly recommend them for organizations that want a single tool to manage their social platforms.”

 Marketing Manager, computer software company

Key differences by solution

Social media marketing
  • Best-in-class scalability for the enterprise

    Khoros is scalable and not just a starter tool. It is built to grow with a company’s social media and digital programs. Khoros is built for enterprises, not SMB. Sprout Social can’t keep up with the complexity enterprise companies demand as it is designed more so for individuals and smaller teams.

    A full customer engagement platform

    Khoros has the breadth and depth of solutions to create a robust digital engagement platform. Sprout’s social care solution lacks many key capabilities offered by Khoros Care.

    “Sprout has timely and thorough customer support, but their efficient support is again related to their minimal UI, reducing the need for more complex problem solving. The Khoros team has years of experience dealing with the world's largest enterprise brands and are battle-tested for any situation and any sized client.”

    Social Media Professional, education company

  • Dedicated partnership

    Sprout has a lower price point, but Khoros provides proven enterprise functionality and dedicated partnership out of the gate, and scales as your digital engagement strategy grows without the need for additional cost.

    Customer support that goes beyond the basics

    Sprout has timely and thorough customer support, but their efficient support is again related to their minimal UI, reducing the need for more complex problem solving. The Khoros team has years of experience dealing with the world's largest enterprise brands and are battle-tested for any situation and any sized client.

    "Having a secure, branded messaging strategy is very important for Sprint. Adding messaging to our platform in order to bring customers’ personal data into support conversations makes the customer feel more secure, and it makes our legal team feel more secure as well.”

    Senior Social Media Strategist, Sprint

    “[Khoros] uniquely couples social engagement with community content. Users can measure agent performance to align with traditional contact center metrics, which is a convenient feature.”

    — Forrester Digital-First Customer Service New Wave

  • Unmatched benchmarks, analytics, and support

    Benchmarks from hundreds of enterprise communities, guidance from free product coaching and a variety of experts, and connection to over 70,000 professionals in our Atlas community help customers innovate.

    Connection to Care

    Our connection to Khoros Care unlocks enhanced moderation and analysis tools like moderation queues, shared inbox, dashboards, real-time analytics, and a unified support queue for social and community.

    The most expertise

    Khoros has been a leader in brand communities for over 15 years with a robust platform to build unique experiences and create powerful, engaged networks.

    “They are a leader in this space. No other platform can come close to the ability to securely scale and power massive communities/page views. If you are running a consumer-grade or enterprise-grade community with millions of views a month - you need to be sure you have a platform that will deliver.”

    Business Owner Community & Knowledge, Cloudera

    “We wanted a Community platform with consistent enterprise-level abilities as well as a history that showcased staying power and could support a long-term partnership. That’s why we chose Khoros.

    Director of Communities, Qlik

Khoros is the software solution most preferred by customers

“We evaluated over 20 other social media management systems before choosing Khoros. No one else offered the workflows, audit trails, and permissions-based systems we needed to scale our social efforts across the company in an intelligent way. In other words, no other systems were close to Khoros in terms of being truly enterprise-ready.”

— Director of Marketing, Food & Beverage Company

“Khoros is very easy to use and has a great CSM team that makes us feel supported. We didn't feel that the others could manage the number of accounts and users we had available and would be more difficult for our regional teams to use. The layout and analytics reports are easy to read and understand for non-social audiences.” Social Media Professional, education company”

— Community Manager, AMD

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