Why choose Khoros vs. Sprinklr?

“We looked at a number of other social platforms while we evaluated Khoros, and we felt the service levels, user experience, platform stability, and cost were the best balance for our organization.”

— Head of Marketing Technology, Springer Nature

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When it comes to Sprinklr alternatives,
Khoros is the clear winner

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What’s the difference between Khoros and Sprinklr?

We applaud you for closely evaluating which software solution will help your brand better engage with customers. Sprinklr has built a good product and we understand it can be challenging to choose between two leading solutions. That said, there’ll always be feature differences between any two products. But customers who switch to Khoros often tell us the most meaningful difference between two brands comes down to what it’s like to do business with them.

Tales of digital courage — stories about brands who switched to Khoros.

Compared to other vendors, like Sprinklr, only Khoros offers a true partnership for our customers, building products that are easy to use, easy to own, and deliver meaningful business results for our customers.

Top reasons brands choose Khoros over Sprinklr

Whether you’re looking for digital customer service, social media management, or an online community solution, there are overarching reasons brands choose Khoros.

#1 We’re a strategic partner, not just a technology vendor

  • Get on-demand access to expertise and support via the Khoros Strategic Services team and complimentary one-to-one product coaching.
  • Customer success managers are incentivized on satisfaction and not spend, so you have a partner focused on driving value no matter what you invest.
  • The only vendor to score 5 out of 5 for both services and support in the 2019 Forrester Wave: Social Suites. We ranked #1 out of 14 vendors for, “puts their clients’ interest first instead of their own” in the 2020 SoftwareReviews CX Index

“Sprinklr and Khoros were the top two platforms we investigated; Khoros appeared to have better customer service, which is something we value highly.”

 Content Strategist & Social Media Lead, Promega

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#2 We build for ease-of-use by focusing on the quality of capabilities, not quantity

  • A clean UI focused only on the features you need means you’ll have quicker onboarding and happier team members who can realize the full value of the solution sooner.
  • We’re careful about what we build. Feature bloat can reduce usability, frustrate users, and cause complexity that increases the total cost of ownership. Our strategic approach ensures our product teams are agile and focused on innovation rather than tech debt.

“Khoros provides a simple yet in-depth solution to manage and engage with followers, as well as share and moderate content.”

 Social Manager, AMD

#3 Khoros is easy to configure and scalable, not reliant on custom development

  • There’s beauty in creating something entirely unique, but for many brands, this is not a scalable solution and introduces too much risk and reliance on internal IT teams or the vendor’s services team.
  • Khoros is a productized but configurable solution based on years of expertise in knowing what works, guarantees uptime, and makes it easy for customers to instantly take advantage of new enhancements.

“The system is easy to configure and use. The UX is very intuitive and it was easy for our social care agents to utilize and easy for our team to configure. The implementation and training team was awesome and the continued support we have received has been equally as good.”

 Marketing Manager, Hospitality Company

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#4 Our customers have a predictable cost of ownership, without surprises

  • Khoros ranked #1 out of 14 vendors for “Providing product enhancements at no additional cost” (2020 SoftwareReviews CX Index)
  • Unlike a pay-as-you-go or consumption-based approach, our customers have a simple, predictable price for the term of their contract.
  • Complimentary product coaching when you need help, since needing a little support isn’t something you should be penalized for.

“Every other year, we evaluate social media monitoring, engagement, analytics, and display tools. Khoros consistently comes out on top for its strong products, great support, competent services team, and fair price point. I highly recommend them for organizations that want a single tool to manage their social platforms.”

 Marketing Manager, computer software company

Key differences by solution

Social media marketing
  • Easy to use and configure

    We have an easier to use, more quickly configurable platform — which is why we ranked as the #1 solution who helps social marketers innovate versus being a roadblock to innovation (SoftwareReviews CX Index 2020).

    More of your ad spend at work

    Using a platform that charges for a percentage of spend is taking away valuable dollars. Khoros offers free visibility, planning, reporting, and optimization as part of the solution (no separate fee). And when you need services to support paid social initiatives, our Strategic Services team doesn’t charge by the percentage of spend.

    Easy listening at scale, for less

    We uniquely offer integrated social listening that doesn’t charge based on search. And for marketers who need to easily listen and understand a rapidly changing market, our Intelligence product is built so any marketer can run searches and get insights — not just analysts.

    Social strategy expertise

    Unique to Khoros, our Strategic Services team are experts in both social strategy and the Khoros platform. From organic and paid content strategy, brand love, reporting, trend tracking, moderation, to crisis and community management, this team can be full service or a special ops extension of your in-house crew.

    “One of the biggest benefits we've seen from this tool is the use of Intelligence, with the ability to pull retroactive data + receive real-time notifications based on searches created. We experience several crises a semester, and this tool has been a game-changer in those situations.”

    Social Media Professional, education company

  • Category creators and leaders

    We pioneered asynchronous workflows and operational management, hold 6 patents in digital customer service, and are uniquely considered by Forrester to be a Digital-First Customer Service solution — a designation most Khoros alternatives did not receive.

    Unparalleled operational insight

    Only Khoros Care combines deep operational analytics with traditional contact center metrics and customer experience data to improve productivity and forecast accuracy.

    Secure transfer

    We go beyond simple authentication for security, offering Secure Transfer to seamlessly move conversations from other channels into an encrypted brand-owned environment, without disrupting the customer experience.

    Connection to community

    Only Khoros customers are able to combine best in class social care and Modern Chat with the industry’s leading Community platform to manage all interactions from a single, easy to use agent interface.

    "Having a secure, branded messaging strategy is very important for Sprint. Adding messaging to our platform in order to bring customers’ personal data into support conversations makes the customer feel more secure, and it makes our legal team feel more secure as well.”

    Senior Social Media Strategist, Sprint

    “[Khoros] uniquely couples social engagement with community content. Users can measure agent performance to align with traditional contact center metrics, which is a convenient feature.”

    — Forrester Digital-First Customer Service New Wave

  • Unmatched benchmarks, analytics, and support

    Benchmarks from hundreds of enterprise communities, guidance from free product coaching and a variety of experts, and connection to over 70,000 professionals in our Atlas community help customers innovate.

    Connection to Care

    Our connection to Khoros Care unlocks enhanced moderation and analysis tools like moderation queues, shared inbox, dashboards, real-time analytics, and a unified support queue for social and community.

    The most expertise

    Khoros has been a leader in brand communities for over 15 years with a robust platform to build unique experiences and create powerful, engaged networks.

    Built for enterprise engagement

    Unmatched out-of-box tools for gamification, security, spam filtering, management, and reporting make it easy to build large, high growth communities.

    “They are a leader in this space. No other platform can come close to the ability to securely scale and power massive communities/page views. If you are running a consumer-grade or enterprise-grade community with millions of views a month - you need to be sure you have a platform that will deliver.”

    Business Owner Community & Knowledge, Cloudera

    “We wanted a Community platform with consistent enterprise-level abilities as well as a history that showcased staying power and could support a long-term partnership. That’s why we chose Khoros.

    Director of Communities, Qlik

Khoros is the software solution most preferred by customers

“We evaluated over 20 other social media management systems before choosing Khoros. No one else offered the workflows, audit trails, and permissions-based systems we needed to scale our social efforts across the company in an intelligent way. In other words, no other systems were close to Khoros in terms of being truly enterprise-ready.”

— Director of Marketing, Food & Beverage Company

“Khoros is very easy to use and has a great CSM team that makes us feel supported. We didn't feel that the others could manage the number of accounts and users we had available and would be more difficult for our regional teams to use. The layout and analytics reports are easy to read and understand for non-social audiences.” Social Media Professional, education company”

— Community Manager, AMD

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