Why Choose Khoros vs LivePerson?

“Since implementing Khoros Care, our organization has seen increased efficiency with all the time this tool saves us, as well as consistency in the response and handling of posts where our attention and follow-up are needed.”

— Manager, business supplies & equipment company

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What’s the difference between Khoros and LivePerson?

Compared to other vendors, like LivePerson, only Khoros offers true leadership in digital customer service. We provide real partnership, build products that are easy to use and integrate, and deliver meaningful business results for our customers.

Top reasons top brands choose Khoros over LivePerson

Whether you’re looking for digital customer service, social media management, or an online community solution, there are overarching reasons brands choose Khoros.

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    #1 Our solution was built for asynchronous digital customer service

    We pioneered asynchronous workflows for digital customer service, and hold six patents for our intelligent response engine. Our asynchronous capabilities have been proven and battle-tested for more than 10 years. Hundreds of global brands have used our solution to enable reliable, meaningful brand to consumer interactions.

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    #2 Our deep asynchronous engagement analytics

    Only Khoros Care combines deep operational analytics with traditional contact center metrics and customer experience data to improve productivity and forecast accuracy. By tracking granular agent states and activities, we deliver deep insights and real-time workforce utilization.

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    #3 Khoros is easy to configure and manage

    Our configurable solution makes it easy for you to instantly take advantage of new enhancements and customize it as you need — without requiring support or expensive, time-consuming custom development.

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    #4 We’re a complete digital engagement solution

    Reap the benefits of a digital engagement solution. Listen, reach, and acquire customers with Khoros Marketing. Effectively serve and engage with customers with Khoros Care, Use Khoros Community to deepen customer relationships, harvest peer-to-peer knowledge, and offer a knowledge base for agents. Plus, your social care team can use the same solution as your contact center agents, for stronger synergy across your customer experience.

Understand the difference between synchronous and asynchronous messaging


Not sure what critical capabilities you need to look for in digital care technology?


Khoros is the software solution most preferred by customers

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    “Khoros’ platforms are adaptable for Midco’s changing needs, and have allowed us to use Khoros as a one-platform solution for all our digital needs.”

    Kenneth Nelson, Customer Care Manager, Midco

  • “The system is easy to configure and use. The UX is very intuitive and it was easy for our social care agents to utilize and easy for our team to configure. The implementation and training team was awesome and the continued support we have received has been equally as good.”

    Marketing Manager, Hospitality Company

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    “Thanks to Khoros Care, we were able to immediately analyze customer feedback for insights and prioritize the incoming posts to give us an overview of how each segment was talking about the incident. Our direct connection to customers allowed us to check whether the problems could be resolved or not.”

    Social Media Manager, Swisscom

  • “We have a very large and engaged community. We use Khoros Care to find conversations and listen to our community. We are also able to find red flags for our comms team and execs. We're able to address problems quickly and find resolutions for our community members in a timely manner.”

    Social Media Manager, AMD

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    “Customer support is where Khoros most shines. Q&A sessions, coaching sessions, ticket support, etc. are all fantastic.”


  • “Khoros Care has been very beneficial in improving efficiency in responding to guests and staying organized among various teams that work together to respond to consumers.”

    Marketing Analyst, restaurants company

When it comes to LivePerson alternatives,
Khoros is the clear winner

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Khoros is digital care, online communities, & social media software for big businesses