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  • 9:00am - Registration

    You’re here! Welcome to Khoros Engage London! Once you’ve checked-in with us at the registration desk and collected your badge for the day, you’ll be free to mingle with other digital leaders, grab a coffee and pastry, and get set for the day ahead.

  • 9:30am - Our vision starts with you

    Speaker: Tom Bailey (Khoros)

    It’s been a while since we were all together under the same roof — and a lot has happened! And yet we have the same teams, we solve the same issues, and we face the same challenges that you do. You’ve spoken, and we’re listening. We are fully invested in improving and growing with you, and are thrilled to share how we’re doing just that.

    In this session, hosted by Khoros’ VP International, Tom Bailey, we’ll share Khoros’ latest updates, developments and vision for the future.

  • 10:00am - Delight and deliver with Google Conversational Commerce

    Speaker: Katie Osberg, Google Inc.

    Today’s messaging landscape is more crowded than ever. With dozens of channels available to your customers, it can be very easy to lose track of key metrics — and very hard to know what to do next. But even with these challenges, the advantages of conversational commerce make messaging one of the most important areas of focus for any customer organisation. Your brand can’t afford to get lost in the shuffle and miss out on these opportunities.

    In this session, Katie Osberg, Global Retail Partnerships Lead, Business Communications at Google will discuss the key trends that will affect messaging and inform decisions in the months and years ahead. Learn what to expect, how to prepare, and what’s next for Google’s Business Messages.

  • 10:30am - Coffee break

  • 11:00am - How to fail: Elizabeth Day

    Speakers: Sarah Robbins (Khoros), Elizabeth Day

    The word failure is often shrouded with negative connotations: a lack of success, the inability to meet an expectation, a feeling of letting people, or yourself, down. But failure in any part of life, including business, offers important lessons to be learned, opportunities to be created, and successes to be achieved — for individuals and organisations alike.

    In a fireside chat, best-selling author, journalist, interviewee, and podcaster Elizabeth Day shares stories of the things that haven’t gone right for her and her podcast guests, and explores what it takes to succeed in spite of — and sometimes even because of — life’s failures.

  • 11:45am - Home is where the community is | Providing provable value with branded Communities

    Speakers: Lisa Bidder (Khoros), Nima Baniamer (Sky), Helga Auran (Visma)

    A branded community makes a unique contribution to a complete digital experience, and for Khoros customers Sky and Visma, their communities are indispensable.

    In this session, Sky’s Nima Baniamer and Visma’s Helga Auran explore how their companies have benefitted from stellar online communities. We’ll cover how leveraging a community can help you meet your customer experience goals, build forward-thinking innovation, extend your reach to a wider audience, and provide lasting, measurable value. Whether your company is B2B, B2C, or a little of both, this session will help you understand exactly how to use a community to achieve better business outcomes.

  • 12:30pm - LUNCH BREAK

  • 1:30pm - Handle with care: A digital-first approach to managing customer behaviours & expectations

    Speakers: Anna Lazarski (Khoros), Paul Sawyer (Post Office), Scott Smith (E.ON Next)

    Traditional voice-based call centres are being left behind in favor of modern, digital-first contact centres, and the world’s best brands aren’t wasting any time making the transition.

    In this session, we sit down with the Post Office’s Paul Sawyer and E.ON Next’s Scott Smith to chat about how that evolution takes place. We’ll go over which channels serve which purposes, customer behaviour and expectations, the customer journey, and conversational commerce. We’ll also discuss what it means to digitalise a CS operation during a cost-of-living crisis by handling interactions in a caring, human way. If you want to leverage the latest technology, including AI and ML, to drive a more powerful, more efficient contact centre, you can’t afford to miss this session.

  • 2:15pm - Roundtables

    #1 - Building, running, and growing a successful community

    Communities can be challenging, but when you put in the effort, the rewards are clear. Join this breakout session to learn more about the building blocks of the world’s most successful brand communities.

    #2 - Keeping it real with bots

    Chatbots aren’t the future; they’re the present. In this breakout session, you’ll chat with your peers about how they’ve leveraged AI technology to improve customer experience and grow business.

    #3 - Calling: The digital contact centre

    Many brands are moving away from traditional customer service channels to a Digital Contact Centre (DCC) world. In this breakout session, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with your peers about the challenges that brands face when creating a digital contact centre.

  • 4:00pm - Coffee break

  • 4:15pm - A class act: Rob Beckett

    Speakers: Tom Bailey (Khoros), Rob Beckett (Comedian)

    Famed for his stand-up comedy, TV appearances, voiceovers, podcast, and hosting on BBC Radio 2, Rob Beckett is a familiar face to almost anyone in the UK.

    With his hilarious viral documentation of the England v Germany game during the Euros, Rob Becket is no stranger to sharing his views on social media! Join the star of the Euros 2020 for an unforgettable comedic (and educational!) experience.

  • 5:00pm - Closing Remarks

    Tom Bailey will close out the event, sharing the final takeaways from the day.

  • 5:15pm - Networking Reception

    To toast the end Khoros Engage London 2022, join us for cocktails and canapes and mingle with your Khoros peers, fellow customers, and speakers from the day!

  • 7:00pm - Ends