Community Meet-up Zurich

Harness the power of community

Community beginners and aficionados, let’s meet up!

Are you getting started with a community or are you a community expert? Are you considering getting one or trying to demonstrate to your manager the value your community brings to your business?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this event is for you!

We’d love for you to meet us in Zurich for a full day focused on the power of community: how to create it, optimize it, and leverage it.

Hosted with our friends and partners Glowing Blue, this event will get you inspired, connected, and equipped to get the best out of your community.

You can find the full agenda below. Please note, the content will be in English, but we expect a good attendance from all over Europe, so there will be plenty of opportunities to connect in German, French, and English!

Register early as spaces are limited! 

Date: 12 October 2022

Time: 9am - 5pm (optional drink reception til 7pm)

Location: Kraftwerk, Zurich, Switzerland

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  • 9am - Registration

    Make your way towards the back of Krafwerk to the right hand side of the bar to grab your badge and some caffeine.

  • 9:30am - The community revival: Trends for today and tomorrow

    Communities don’t exist in vacuums; like nearly everything else your brand does, they’re affected by the trends of the industry. And since the beginning of COVID-19, the theme for communities has been revival. Communities are picking up the slack for other modes of digital engagement — and in this era of limited CX budgets, brands are loving it.

    In this keynote session, we’ll cover the trends that matter most today, including revival and much more. We’ll also keep an eye on the future, discussing what we’re expecting tomorrow’s communities to deliver and how community managers should prepare.

  • 10am - Customer panel: Get started and get growing

    If you’re new to the community world, this is the panel discussion for you. Our expert panelists will cover the basics of getting started, including how to measure and maintain growth without exhausting your resources. They’ll also talk about when and why it’s important to invest in a community, covering what they used before they had a community, what prompted the need, how they got it done, and their early results.

  • 10:45am - Community and beyond

    Metaverse, NFT and decentralized organizations/blockchain... Is your head spinning already? In this keynote, we will decrypt these future trends, how they may impact your community and how you should prepare for it.

  • 11:30 - Customer panel - Getting down to brass tacks: How to prove community value

    When you’ve grown your community, built customer engagement, and let the dust settle, your brand leadership is going to ask an important question: was it all worth it? You know it was, but how can you prove it? This panel session will help you find the tools to do just that. Find a way to tell the story of your community that highlights important business outcomes like call reduction, co-creation, customer loyalty, sales, and more.

  • Afternoon: Choose your own adventure with 5 breakout sessions on offer

  • Topic 1: Finding, nurturing, and encouraging your superusers

    Superusers are one of the most important parts of a thriving community. They help deflect calls, create user generated content, and act as ambassadors for your brand. This breakout session will cover all things superuser — from using gamification to grow the program to leveraging the content they create.

  • Topic 2: Listening to the voice of the customer with Talkwalker

    Surfacing customer sentiment is absolutely essential for understanding how your audience feels about your brand — and doing it in real-time gives you a huge advantage. In this breakout session, our partner Talkwalker will cover how to measure sentiment as it’s happening.

  • Topic 3: In person? Online? Hybrid? Bringing it all together in your community event

    We spend a lot of time talking about how to build, manage, and scale a community across different channels and formats. Many of our most successful Community customers plan rich, immersive events within their communities, sometimes even incorporating in-person experiences. This breakout discussion will give you insights how to run and manage an event within your community, as well as how to add in-person elements. From small local events to massive global events, this session will give you the insights and best practices to plan and promote your future event.

  • Topic 4: Aurora preview

    It’s all in the title! Customers and prospects under NDA only

  • Topic 5: The Unconference

    This time, you bring the topic to the table. We’ll poll all registered participants beforehand in order to understand what’s on your mind and what you’d like to spend time on and that will inform this breakout session.