3 Social media scheduling tools to consider in 2023

Khoros Staff

Any social media manager can tell you that social media is constantly evolving. As new channels continue to pop up, so do the business opportunities.

While trying new things is an exciting prospect, it can also be intimidating. This is especially true for large businesses, where more opportunities create more complexities with multiple accounts across different regions.

One of the biggest challenges any brand faces as it expands its presence on different channels is executing its content strategy: maintaining consistency, knowing what to schedule at what time, optimizing content, and so on.

To support and execute a content strategy successfully, marketers need the right social media scheduling tool.

What is a social media scheduling tool?

A social media scheduling tool allows you to schedule content in advance across multiple accounts and channels. A great tool also gives you helpful insights, for example, suggesting optimal post times based on target audiences.

Benefits of social media scheduling tools

What benefits do social media scheduling tools offer?

  • Time management and productivity: By automating the social media posting process, it frees up valuable time to focus on essential tasks, such as engaging with your audience, analyzing metrics, or developing new marketing strategies.

  • Consistency and brand cohesion: In predetermining the frequency and timing of brand posts, it ensures a steady flow of content that resonates with audiences.

  • Reach and engagement optimization: Posting at optimal times increases the likelihood of reaching more people and generating higher engagement rates.

  • Multi-channel management: Streamlining workflows reduces the risk of errors and oversights and ensures content gets distributed consistently across relevant channels.

  • Data and Insights: Gain insights that help you identify trends, refine social strategies, and optimize content to deliver better results.

Three best social media scheduling tools of 2023

When choosing the right social media scheduling tool it’s essential to understand the costs and benefits involved. Of course, we believe Khoros is the best social media tool for enterprises, but we’ll share some other tools, too.

1. Khoros

Khoros’ social media management tool empowers enterprise companies to create, govern, publish, and measure results. It also enables easy collaboration and an intuitive workspace for teams with an easy-to-use interface.

Benefits of Khoros social media management

Customize dashboards
No more wasting time navigating around features you don’t need. Easily create customized dashboards for your team members to see only the features they need.

View scheduled posts in one calendar
With easy-to-read planning and calendar views, Khoros makes it simple for brands to keep tabs on their social media strategies and see scheduled posts.

The ‘plans’ view summarizes metrics like social post volume, status, and channel mix. The ‘calendar’ view makes it easy to see how organic and promoted posts work together and preview scheduled posts. Helpful icons give insight into the post status, what channels the post will be published on, and where it falls in the publishing lineup.

Get better results
Eliminate overly manual processes, save time, and see results change for the better with handy AI features like prompts on the best time to post. You can also use the customizable analytics section to see what performed well and inform future post-planning.  

2. Sprinklr

Sprinklr Social has similar functionalities to Khoros, but there are distinct differences (see a comparison of the two platforms here). Its feature set helps its customers increase engagement, deliver positive on-brand experiences, and streamline workflows.

Like Khoros, Sprinklr helps automate the process of scheduling, publishing, and posting. Its calendar view has filters that enable you to narrow down what you see on a scheduled post, including status, author, campaign, tags, likes, comments, and reach. 

Source: Sprinklr

3. Sprout

Sprout is another social media management platform that simplifies the planning and scheduling process. While it does serve the enterprise market, Sprout also extends its services to mid-size businesses. Helpful features include content suggestions, optimal send times, message approval workflows, and a shareable content calendar.

Source: Sprout

What to look for in a social media scheduling tool

With so many similarities in features and functionalities, it’s important to highlight some of the most important things to look for in a social media scheduling tool. Knowing what to look for will help you narrow your options and make the best decision for your brand.

1. Evolving Features

For any social media management scheduling tool you choose, make sure that the provider is constantly working to update its features and functionalities. After all, social media is a continuously changing landscape! Your software provider needs to keep up.

2. Integrations

Ensure the social media scheduling tool you choose integrates with the channels you use the most. Also, note what additional channels the platform integrates with that could be of benefit to your brand.

3. Analytics and Reporting

    Marketers need to prove their social media ROI. Go with a solution that makes analyzing results and building reports simple (note: some platforms require additional developer support to build reports).

    4. Customization

      Don’t get stuck with extra features your team doesn’t need. Choose a platform that’s easily configurable for your team so that they can customize dashboards, all while keeping the user interface simple. 

      5. AI and automation

      AI and automation are the future; there’s no doubt about it. Choose a social media software provider that prioritizes AI and automation features to save your team time and money.

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