The future of social media marketing lies with Gen Z

Dre Hey, Marketing Programs Coordinator

Is your brand paying attention to Gen Z? If they’re not already top of mind, it’s time to update your strategy. In the latest iteration of the, Khoros Smart Social Report, How to reach Gen Z and why it matters, we’re breaking down what matters most when marketing to Gen Z using data and customer experience (CX) insights from Talkwalker, and analysis by Khoros Strategic Services.

Our Strategic Services team collaborated with Talkwalker to mine deep-listening insights and trends that informed the report, as well as this blog. Through our AI-powered platform, we gathered data from the conversations that happen around your brand — online, in the media, and within your company — to uncover, understand, and action consumer insights.


Who is Gen Z, and why should you care?

Zoomers are true digital natives, with buying power ranging from $29 billion to $143 billion per year. This means Gen Z-ers have a high influence not just over brands, but also over other generations.

They shape where people are going, how they’re spending money, and the latest trends in fashion, food, and everything in between. They’re also an extremely sociopolitically-conscious group, so it’s important to understand issues they care about in order to create impactful marketing that resonates with them. They care about environmental sustainability and want to interact with purpose-driven brands that reflect their individual values and beliefs.

More than 50%

It’s undeniable: the pandemic changed the way consumers shop. For Gen Z, this means convenience and affordability are key. As online shopping experiences continue to trend upward, brands are testing out new ways for consumers to shop online. New payment methods, such as “buy now, pay later” (modeled after “lay-away” shopping of the past), have grown in popularity. Another look into Gen Z’s purchasing trends? Thrifting and secondhand clothing is booming again, and the market impact is only growing.

Market impact

Emerging platforms: Which ones and when to use them

By now, you’ve probably heard of Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, two audio-based social media apps that have been making waves in the past year. With new platforms popping up frequently, it can be hard to keep up with which are successful and worth investing time into from a marketing perspective.

But what is it about these platforms that is making them so hot, anyway? One of the biggest indicators we’ve found, especially among younger audiences, is their ability to create connection and community. When Gen Z is talking about their on-platform experiences and what matters to them most, having fun and fostering genuine connections are key conversation trends.

TikTok for Brands Webinar

As these new platforms enter the scene, brands and customers alike have to keep up with an ever-changing social media landscape. From Spotify’s Greenroom to Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms, the more traditional social media channels are adopting Clubhouse-esque features to keep up with demand from their respective communities. Only time will tell if these adaptations will succeed, or if audio spaces are temporary in a world that is quickly returning to pre-pandemic attitudes.

Emerging Platforms

So what are you waiting for? Gen Z is armed with more market influence and buying power than generations before them. It’s essential for your brand to reach this savvy group, while understanding the trends and networks that matter most to them. Whether Gen Z is your current audience or an audience you’d like to learn more about for the future, it’s time to pay closer attention to Zoomers.

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