Communities Fresh Features - Episode 3

As we step into the new year, Khoros is thrilled to launch two of our best-in-class engagement features in our next-generation Khoros Communities product.

With the addition of Ideas and Ranks, customers now have two new tools in their community toolkit to fuel engagement and foster stronger customer relationships. Let's take a closer look!

Crowdsource innovation with Ideas

From minor improvements to entirely new product features, your customers hold valuable insights into how your brand can level up its products, services, and experiences.

Khoros empowers brands to tap into this treasure trove of customer feedback with Ideas. This new content type enables brands to collect, analyze, and manage ideas shared by community members.

The Ideas feature allows community managers to:

  • Enable members to submit ideas to an ‘Ideas Board’ and vote/comment on ideas posted by other members

  • Assign statuses like ‘Accepted’ or ‘In Review’ to posted ideas, signaling to the contributor where an idea is in the review and delivery process

  • Follow individual ideas posts or ideas boards, enabling in-app and email notifications on followed ideas

Why should you care?

Tapping into customer feedback can be a goldmine for business growth, helping to boost customer loyalty and even increase sales.

Brands that listen to and incorporate customer feedback are:

With Ideas, brands now have the dedicated space and supporting capabilities to listen, track, and manage valuable customer input.

Incentivize User Engagement with Ranks

A community ranking system allows brands to recognize and reward community members based on set criteria. From "newbie" to advanced ranks, members progress based on the quality of their interactions.

With the introduction of Ranks to the next-generation Khoros Communities product, brands can do just that.

Community managers can now create a unique ranking system and badges to recognize members, partners, and admins for their contributions to the brand community.

This new feature enables:

  • Customizable rank criteria and badges

  • Advancement in rank based on engagement and quality of contributions

  • Increased recognition and privileges for higher-ranked badges

Why should you care?

Get ready to see brand advocacy, community engagement, and user-generated content soar with the addition of Ranks.

Recognizing and rewarding community members fosters a sense of belonging and creates valuable brand advocates. Moreover, gamification through community ranks has proven time and time again to be a powerful tool for encouraging member engagement and user-generated content.

Streamline workflows with Enhanced Manage View in Khoros Care

Community moderators using Khoros Care – this one’s for you! New enhancements to the Manage View facilitate more efficient review and management of conversations.

With these improvements, community moderators can:

Create a “favorites” list: Quickly find and organize the views you use most by creating a “favorites” tab. Easily add views to your “favorites” lists by clicking the star next to an existing view.

    Duplicate existing views: Instantly build new views without starting from scratch by duplicating existing views. Copied views inherit all the same columns, filters, and shared settings as the original.

    Visualize urgent tasks with the ‘Needs Attention’ column: Take advantage of a more zoomed-in view of your high-priority tasks with the ‘Needs Attention’ column.

    Filter columns by engagement status: Filter columns by three different engagement statuses (brand, non-brand, and no engagement) for efficient drilling.

    • Brand: shows already-engaged users handled by brand reps

    • Non-brand: shows users engaged by other community members or social users but not brand reps

    • No engagement: shows fully unengaged conversations and posts

    Tag community posts by email addresses: Tag posts based on community members’ registered email addresses or domains to easily segment your audience.

    Why should you care?

    According to a Community Roundtable report, community managers often face challenges related to workload and balancing multiple responsibilities within their roles.

    These enhancements streamline workflows and project management, providing more time to focus on activities that drive real value so you can leverage the full potential of your community.

    What's Next?

    The journey doesn't end here. We’re continuing to evolve the next generation of Khoros Communities with new updates and advancements. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

    • Additional Community design features, including custom scripts and additional widgets

    • Badges to reward and engage members

    • Developer experience updates, such as Aurora SDK CLI Publication and integration support, including the Salesforce Connector

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