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Post Office UK Boosts Revenue and Brand Value with Khoros

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Executive summary

With more than 11,600 branches, the Post Office is one of Europe’s largest retail networks and their modernization program helped it become the UK’s biggest Sunday retailer. The Post Office is the fastest growing provider of personal and business banking services and their goal is to become one of the UK’s leading financial services providers. They also aimed to build awareness of the Post Office UK’s Travel Money product, a reloadable card that makes it simple to move money from one currency to another, and, while doing so, improve brand sentiment. To accomplish their goals and continue growing their reach, the Post Office decided to partner with Khoros to plan, execute, and measure their #SummerSorted social media marketing campaign—a campaign promoting the ways the Post Office helps simplify summer travel.

Before using Khoros Marketing, the Post Office didn’t have a reliable way to target potential audiences, nor did they have a data-driven strategy development plan. They needed a way to understand the differences between their competitors’ followers and their own, as well as what content those groups engaged with on social. With Khoros Marketing, the Post Office easily identified target audiences, surfaced what those audiences cared about, and organized their social strategy into four focus areas. With #SummerSorted, the Post Office had over 300 assets, 15 contests with 91 prizes, and more than 36,000 conversations to monitor (all in real-time). Cross-functional teams, as well as agencies, were involved in the planning, design, and activation of the campaign. Khoros Marketing streamlined workflow for the Post Office social media marketing team by helping them organize effectively, improve their approval and planning chain, and facilitate collaboration with other stakeholders.

With Khoros, the Post Office saved 43% of their teams’ time and more than £22,000, as compared with the previous year’s campaign before they partnered with Khoros. The Post Office measured campaign performance with a Khoros-powered real-time dashboard to monitor and optimize activity. Khoros helped the team easily see performance by social channel so they could adjust to best meet the needs of their audience.

How they made it work

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    Fans using surprise and delight opportunities, identified by Khoros.

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    #SummerSorted into all marketing initiatives and tracked engagement.

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    The Khoros Marketing alerts feature to keep on top of customer care activity.

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    Uplifting user-generated content to maximize their organic reach.

Our social mission is to make the post office more relevant, accessible, and transparent. With the help of Khoros, we’re delivering on those goals. The bottom line is that our social campaigns are now easier to manage, they’re data-driven, and they are delivering business results. With Khoros, we have a social platform that helps us do more and, ultimately, work smarter.
— Darren Jones
Senior Social Media Manager, Post Office UK


With their Khoros-powered #SummerSorted campaign, the Post Office more than doubled the number of their subscribers. The campaign activity contributed to more than 8,000 online sales, which was a result of on-going testing and optimization of messaging and targeting. The campaign also increased positive brand affinity and helped demonstrate brand authenticity and product relevance.

  • £22,000

    saved year-over-year

  • 113%

    Increase in subscribers

  • 38 min

    Response time across social media